Tips for Travel

Tips for Travel

In the next issue of Breaking Trail magazine we are taking the time to focus a bit on health. We are diving into the idea of staying active all year round and using travel as an encouraging, inspirational, and even distracting factor. In the spirit of this health kick, I’d like to bring some helpful tips to the table.

Did you know? You CAN bring your own food on the airplane.

Many travels are very anxious when it comes to flying. This is probably due to all the regulations and security scans we have to pass through these days in order to board a plane. You can’t bring finger nail clippers, you can’t have any liquids, shampoos, soaps etc. over three ounces, you can’t fill a water bottle before the security scan, you must weigh and measure your bags, so on and so on. With all these specifications and regulations most people become very paranoid.

The Do’s and Don’ts Made simple:

NOT ALLOWED: liquids, unwrapped food

ALLOWED: Food that is wrapped or in a container

We all know how it goes when we get on a plane thinking you weren’t hungry, and then the person next to you orders a snack. How long before you too decide to indulge, especially if it’s complimentary? Let’s face it, airplane food is horrible for you. When you have to travel long distances, they provide meals, but most of the time those meals get the better of you. According to Diet Detective, Charles Platkin PH.D, the average number of calories per food item on an airplane was 360 calories. Imagine what a full meal flight would be.

Now, I’m not a calorie counter by any means, but I do like to keep my body healthy and functioning at a high performance. Therefore, it’s not just the calories that bother me about these plane snacks it’s the lack in nutrition. Eating junk just to feed the craving my eyes brought upon me usually means I’ll be feeling graugy and sluggish later, and that is no way to start a trip.

Make the 7 P’s your priority:

Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance, so here’s a list of some great snacks to bring on your next flight:

  • apples, oranges, bananas, (all fruit is allowed as long as it is whole or in a container)
  • trail mix
  • pretzels
  • cheese and crackers
  • dried fruit
  • sandwich (wrapped)
  • nuts (be cautious of the nut allergy sitting next to you)
  • dry cereal
  • carrots, celery or other veggies