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Our next issue is smokin! We went through and redesigned our look. It looks awesome, but we might be biased. Issue 13 is packed full of beer stories, relationships and service. Find out more below.

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Germany boasts some of the best beer in the world. There are still monastic breweries, with faithful monks who made the craft popular way back in the 10th century.

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However, the monk’s traditions have reached a new state in America. Today more than 3,000 microbreweries have popped up with specialty craft beer. Much like the monks, these craft brewers try their hand at new recipes in order to please the pallets of patrons.

But this issue is not just beer, friendships and craft. We also talk about service and how travel can be an opportunity for charity endeavors. We have partnered with Kyle to bring you a multi part series on the value of service, changing lives and traveling. This issue runs deeper than beer. We focus on relationships, people growing and creating things that bring people together.


  • A History of Beer in Germany, from Monks to Merchants and Beyond
  • New Monks in an Old World of Beer: Craft Beer
  • Monks Heads and Burly Beards
  • Using Alcohol and Stress to make Friends
  • Virtues of Travel: Serve the Children Part I