The island of Paros is littered with beaches, which stands to reason, since it is an ISLAND! But with so many choices how do you find the best of the best? You don’t, not without figuring out what you’re looking for. You could go to the most serene beaches, or the party beaches. The local hotspots, or even the most famous beaches. We prefer, however; to narrow down our list by selecting the beaches best accessed by ATV.

When you explore Paros by ATV you give yourself a chance to learn the value of solitude. Even if you double up on one of these slick rides the noise of the engine and wind will ensure you still remain in your own world. But this is the beauty of visiting Paros, Greece off season. Amidst the winding dirt roads, sloping hills that traverse down and suddenly open into empty beaches, and quiet you’ll have time to see the world without the bustle of a busy city, drunk beach goers and electronics.


If you are looking for an adventure on to itself, then ATVing around the island is the way to go. For mere euros (less then 40 a day) you can have an ATV between your legs, the freedom of the open road before you, and the island of Paros at your beck and call. Hermes may wear wings on his sandal, and Ares zoom around in a chariot but the best way to travel around the Greek isles for humans is with a four-wheeler. For that reason, we have collected a list of the best beaches to visit, many of them only accessible by some means of transportation other than the two footed express.


If you have a problem with sitting still, like me, then this is the perfect beach for you. Instead of laying around on the sand all day you can go fishing or SCUBA diving. Located near Naoussa this small beach offers a hillside view of the city.


Facing Aliki Bay and over a half mile away from the city of Naoussa, this golden sand beach is much more developed and crowded with people than Piperi. While here you can look out across the emerald water and wave to the nearby city of Naxos, the largest of the Greek Isles. If you are looking to by a child of the Earth there is a campsite south of the beach. Be forewarned, during peak season the camp and the beach are crowded with people.


The town of Ambelas, where this beach is located is about 4 miles southeast of Naoussa and 8 miles east of Paros. This is a true, off the beaten path beach and a must visit. The location is tranquil compared to some of the other beaches, due in part to its distance from the major cities, and the beach has very little development. This is the “miles away from ordinary” Greek experience, complete with sea front taverns and restaurants that serve the best fish in Paros.