Boy do we have a treat for you. She’s redheaded, bold, independent, and can drink a Guinness faster than you can you can say Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Pan interview with our dear Irish friend.

How long have you lived in Ireland? On and off as a wee one. But most recently I was there from 2011-2013.

What do you miss the most about Ireland? The long summer days spent with friends on the beach, BBQ-ing, chatting with friends and overall just having the craic. Irish summers are wonderful because the sun won’t go down until after 9pm, it’s never too hot, and there is always fun to be had. A true initiation into an Irish summer is to jump off the 40-foot into Dublin Bay.

What is your favorite type of drink? Guinness or Murphy’s, duh. A good dark stout does the trick.

Do you like the color green? ’tis my favorite.

irish beach

Where is your favorite place to go in Ireland? Howth (pronounced hoe-th). It’s a fishing village just 20 minutes north of Dublin. My perfect day would be to get there in the morning and walk down the pier where all the boats are and feed some of the sea lions. Then get some fresh seafood chowder from a food truck parked nearby to fortify yourself for what’s to come. Walk through town and head up the hill for the Howth Costal Path. This is a gorgeous hike along the coast. It will take about an hour at a leisurely pace and it’s good for all ages and ability levels. The views from the top of Howth Head are amazing, you get a panoramic view of Dublin and even south into the Wiclow mountains. The best part is, once at the top you can stop at the Summit Inn for a Guinness before you start your way back down.

What do you remember about celebrating St. Patrick’s Day there? Ha, I like how you asked that. What do I *remember*. Well sorry to disappoint but I remember my St.

Patrick’s Days very well. St. Patrick’s Day is usually good fun in Ireland. My favorite thing to do is to get out of Dublin for the long weekend and celebrate in the country with family and friends, it just seems more authentic than partying in the capitol with thousands of tourists.

What is one word we common English American folk would not understand if we visited Ireland? Craic (pronounced crack)

What does that mean? There is not a great English translation but it best translates to ‘a good time’ or an ‘enjoyable activity’ aka FUN. So if you go to Ireland and someone says “How was the craic last night?” you can rest assured they are not asking you about drugs, they just want to know how your night was.

When are we going to Ireland? As soon as we can!

Have a GREAT green day holiday!