Pub drinking


How many Irish Pubs are there in the world?

The answer seems nearly impossible to find. This is probably because of a few reasons. One, who is defining exactly what an “Irish Pub” is; the true Irish would probably judge based on the tap Guinness. Two, Irish pubs open and close every day whether that’s because the owner was a drunk and couldn’t handle his money, or because the local beers just don’t cut it and the town needs a real bar.  Three, anyone who tries to count all the Irish pubs in this world would probably have a liver malfunction before reaching the last pub.  Whatever the reason, there is only one truth of the matter, everyone is Irish somewhere.

I have traveled to 15 countries. Hank has traveled to 20 countries. My Irish friend has traveled to 30 countries. After racking our brains we could not think of one of these countries that did not have at least one if not a few Irish Pubs!

Have we found the common denominator for traveling the world? Have we cracked the code for breaking homesickness? Are the Irish really that popular?

One thing we all agreed upon is an Irish Pub feels like home or a safe haven for weary travelers. Being in a foreign country wears on you mentally and socially. The language becomes daunting, the common customs or habits become exhausting, and the orienteering becomes frustrating. At this point a pub is the cure. An Irish Pub gives you a release or relieve from that foreign world. The language of beer and whiskey never change, and I guarantee there will be other travelers waiting to meet you there.

We asked a fellow pub attendee why he had chosen the Irish Pub, and his reply was “I was sick of speaking Spanish, I wanted a good beer, and I knew I could meet travelers like myself.”

If you want to learn more about the Irish pub and it’s origin read this great article: A genuine ‘Third Place’? Towards an understanding of the pub in contemporary Irish society.

Where around the world have you found Irish Pubs?