We fell in love with Colombian coffee and we think you will too. Because of that we have designed a coffee quiz to determine the best beans for you. Not all coffee tastes the same…unless you only drink the stuff that comes out of big red cans. In that case I’m sorry we will be spoiling your coffee drinking habits. This quiz is designed by what we have learned about the different coffee beans that come out of Colombia. There is some room for personal interpretation, but it will give you a general idea of what type you will enjoy the most. So without further adieu…


Full descriptions:
Café de Cauca– médium body, high acidity, strong caramel-like aroma, some sweet floral notes

Café de Nariño– médium body, high acidity, sweet notes, clean mild flavors

Café de Huila– medium body, médium to high acidity, intense fragrance with candied and fruit feelings

Café de Antioquia– médium body, médium acidity, fruity

Café de Santander– médium to high body, médium acidity, sweet, fruity, herbal notes with a slight citrus sensation