Tuesday Morning
2916 S Glenstone Ave, Springfield, MO 65804, United States
Tuesday Morning
Review №1

One of the greatest stores on the planet. All the worker there are amazing. We believe that the sales at the store are probably illegal because they’re so good. You can spend all kinds of money here that you don’t need to spend, and you should. You will have a great time and probably meet some new friends too. Super clean bathrooms. All kinds of good smells. All kinds of good eats. All kinds of good treats.

Review №2

I just read a review how the manager of Tuesday Morning in Springfield, Mo., treated a customer rudely. Not knowing if it was the same manager but the review snapped a memory back into my thoughts of how I was rudely treated at that same store.I quit going to your store a few years ago. I wanted to purchase a small Halcyon pill box you had on display. I have never been accused of thievery of any type. The treatment I received that day from your manager, no one should be subjected to.The Halcyon Pill Box was in a locked case. I could see the price, I asked to see it and she, the manager, retrieved the pill box, herself, to let me inspect it. I said I would purchase it. When checking out, she, the manager, looked at the price, said it was marked wrong and would not honor the price shown. She could not have been more rude during the checkout after I questioned why she would not honor the marked price. She said, (and rudeness and dirty looks from her didn’t help), “because she didn’t have to”. That woman needed retraining then, and apparently, if it’s the same person, still could use some retraining. Why is she there? I certainly do not ever intend to venture back to your store to find out.I value my money, and to whom I like to spend it with. I had planned to take other purchases that day but happily left them on your checkout counter. I haven’t been back since.John Deere Wells

Review №3

While this store has really great prices. Its completely unorganized. Possibly because the store just opened? Theres no signs really pointing at what is where. So you just kinda have to wonder around the store in order to find things. I only saw employees at the register and no one walking around asking customers if they needed help. Personally I found that unusual. But if youre needing to do something on a weekday morning or afternoon while the kids are at school. Give it a go

Review №4

Great selection great price and great customer service Ive been a customer for years and their new location is so much better with wider aisles 👍👍

Review №5

I just never know what Ill stumble across here. Excellent place for gift shopping! Im usually able to find something unique for everyone. And the prices are very competitive. Good service, too.

Review №6

An eclectic collection of home decor and so much else.

Review №7

Nice place, good selection, reasonable prices. Always something different there. was pleased with how clean and well with the place always seems to be. Stafford nice as well.

Review №8

As always, a wonderful variety of items that i go there to buy higher quality at a decent price.

Review №9

Its always interesting to shop here. You never know what you will find. Sometimes I dont find anything, other times I find all kinds of stuff. The prices are always great. Some things I was looking at on Amazon earlier in the week for $8.99 I bought today for $3.99. Always fun to see whats there.

Review №10

Tuesday Morning is great. Deals on every category ! Save alot on gifts. Easy access off glenstone.

Review №11

Fun creative things for my home at good prices.

Review №12

Always clean and organized. Fun place to shop.

Review №13

Higher prices than I would like and the shelves are very messy in places. Needs some more care.

Review №14

Bare shelves! In these times I understand there being an inventory dip - but unfortunately this stores lack of inventory reminded me of a going out of business sale. They do have signs up all over the store saying their buyers are trying to restock their stores --- buuuttt I would say the shelves were at least 65% empty and they are even moving merchandise around trying to make it look fuller - ie: bath stuff where the aisle says food and no food (jams) in stock. I will try again when the store has been stocked.

Review №15

Unfortunately they are low on inventory, but I was still able to find something I Liked . Clean store and friendly staff

Review №16

Ive gotten some good deals here. They have a guy who works there I think his name is Bradley. Hes been really helpful. They have random awesomeness and its a fun place to shop.

Review №17

Unique items

Review №18

Nice discount store, very clean, nice staff

Review №19

I mostly go here for the craft supplies but there wasnt much to choose from here.

Review №20

Enjoyed going there with family and friends has some great bargains and surprises

Review №21

Big selection. Good prices.

Review №22

Such a fun store to shop! Have fantastic prices and their staff is very friendly.

Review №23

Tuesday Morning is a great place to shop and dream. Great prices and a variety of goods, from food to furnishings, and everything in between.The staff are friendly and helpful, and theres always something new to see.

Review №24

Never know if you will find a deal or pay over retail for something here, but they always have a great assortment of household stuff! Also, always a nice assortment of German candies and chocolate!!!

Review №25

Awesome assortment of any and everything. Perfect place to find a gift for everyone in your circle..

Review №26

I really love this place. It has special foods, furniture, decorations, scrapbooking supplies, pet supplies, kitchen supplies, even some makeup and headphones. Its a lot bigger than the last location. I wouldnt say the prices are great, but there are some good finds.Also if you go to the very back you can find clearance items, but make sure to inspect them well because some are missing parts or are broken.

Review №27

I love this storeEasy returns

Review №28

They have different things you dont see anywhere else. But if you like you need to buy it because it might not be there next time. They bring in new things in all the time .

Review №29

Love this store.Lots of unusual things that you can not find anywhere else!

Review №30

I have to say I liked the old store better. It seemed to have more of a selection, and easier to find things. Still a good amount to pick from, and the sales staff were very helpful.

Review №31

This place has a lot of different items if you are looking g for it they probably have it. A very nice rang of items at a great price. They are very helpful and checking out is fast and easy.

Review №32

Nice little woman store. Has all the little knick knacks women like. Also has stuff for the springtime. Nice place

Review №33

Get ready to hunt for bargains. All sorts of items. Found some great deals. Very similar to Ross & Marshalls. Lighting could be better, though - its kinda dim harsh fluorescent...

Review №34

Good place for fixing up a appartment when you dont have everything.

Review №35

Loved this shop. A little bit of everything. And different every time.The prices are unreal, and its fun to wander around. You never know what youll find!

Review №36

I love Tuesday Morning. Always interesting what you will find and for a good buy.

Review №37

Great for home decor and knick knacks! They always have a great selection for upcoming seasons and holidays. I have also found great accent chairs and rugs for really reasonable prices!

Review №38

I love Tuesday Morning. It is always provides new and fresh items at great prices. The staff is super friendly, and helpful.

Review №39

I love this place so much! They have a little bit of everything! I am moving soon and I will definitely be shopping here to get some things for my new place!

Review №40

Store is well organized and friendly staff to help with questions and concerns. Great selections of rugs, dishes and Christmas items.

Review №41

Always find great deals here!!! Cool snacks, odd things you dont see.. absolutely Love this place!!!

Review №42

Love this place, has lots of good quality items at great prices. Better than wal mart.

Review №43

Always find something here that I want. This location is so much cleaner and roomier than the old one

Review №44

This one is set up a lot better than others I have been in. Organized and kept neat by the staff. Had a good selection of home things and the prices mostly seemed competitive.

Review №45

They had exactly what I needed! Great prices!

Review №46

This place is so fun, with good prices and great selection of so many things

Review №47

I was fortunate being #1 in line at their Grand Opening. Was given a gift card & at checkout it was worth $25.00! The store is beautiful, clean, & prices are competitive. Luv it!

Review №48

Always something new I always find a deal here!

Review №49

Fun store to browse. If you find something you like, but it! It wont be there tomorrow. When they have it, their fabric pre-cuts are top quality.

Review №50

Fun place to poke around in just to see what you might find.

Review №51

Just like going in to look at all their goodies.

Review №52

Neat store. New stuff every time you go in. Location is really good. Check out is a bit wonky - you have to stand where people are browsing, not well thought out at all. Always find something to take home because of low prices!!!

Review №53

Love to just wander around in this store, you never know what neat little gadget, pillow, or food your going to find. There is such a variety, its not your typical shopping experience.

Review №54

There for a while it was the only Tuesday Morning, but since then they have moved to a bigger building. Its Tuesday Morning, whats not to love? The stock changes so fast and cheap prices are what keep me going back.

Review №55

Prices still a little high. Hardly any room to walk without falling over something

Review №56

Lots of options and good deals!

Review №57

For this being a new store, it was very disorganized and messy. Items were kind of all over the place. The cashier was very helpful and pleasant but it was very difficult to get a staff member on the floor to acknowledge you.

Review №58

I love crafting and this store has a great selection at great prices!

Review №59

Perfect place to browse and find unique ideas and gifts. Never know what is new?

Review №60

Very nice place. I didnt find what I was needing, but they do have great items.

Review №61

Not one of the many employees that crossed my path said hello, smiled, nothing, including the cashier. She also did not say thank you when I was checked out. The place is a mess. To top it off - a flea jumped on my arm out of a Christmas decoration. Can get same or better prices and better customer service at other discount stores. My first and last trip. The flea did me in.

Review №62

One of my faves!! Great place for home decor, random gifts, kitchen stuff...... really anything! Love love love

Review №63

Excellent store for lots of different stuff. I got this there and the coffee in it.

Review №64

Not as good as the old store. Its a shame really as I liked the old store so much and was so excited about their new location. Hopefully it will improve.

Review №65

Not a big store but a good alright to shop

Review №66

Was hoping they had more craft items. But prices seem good. I bought a few thing,

Review №67

The store looked like a bomb went off but if youre in the mood to dig thru stuff than you could find some cool stuff.

Review №68

Brand New so its nice and organized..dont know how long that will last but they have some good deals so check it out before the crowds tear it apart like the other Tuesday Mornings Ive been in.

Review №69

Very interesting place lots of nice things.

Review №70

Unusual merchandise, fun to go through but price wise they are more than TJ Maxx or Ross.

Review №71

Love this store, so fun to just look around/wander and you never know what you can find. Very clean as well!

Review №72

This store in springfield was a great big mess...needs straightening and cleaned

Review №73

Food is good not wheel chair acessable tight spaces small tables

Review №74

The store is clean and well stocked. The staff are helpful.

Review №75

Had some great buys!

Review №76

Love this store it has nice quality merchandise and a variety of name brand small appliances and nice interior decor for indoor/outdoor patios.

Review №77

Neat store. Associates are very nice. Selection changes all the time.

Review №78

An interesting assortment of everything from food to furniture, cheap and widely varied.

Review №79

Always find a surprise, stock is always different.

Review №80

It looked to be a discount home variety store......WRONG.From what I seen, it was alot of overpriced china knockoffs...

Review №81

First stop when I go to Springfield. Not only does it have craft items but also home goods, luggage and just about anything!! Also, the prices are AWESOME!!

Review №82

Neat store, very friendly staff. Love all their german goodies.

Review №83

I love tuesday morning i find this i cant find any were else

Review №84

Just got all my sons Christmas here! He loves this place anything you could want and then some!

Review №85

Clean store. Inventory changes weekly. Friendly staff. Good prices.

Review №86

Lots of fun things here!

Review №87

Variety of merchandise with moderate prices. Good place to look around.

Review №88

They have unique things but theyre a little over priced.

Review №89

Pleasant experience...check out person very friendly and personable

Review №90

Love this store. Never disapointed!!!! Keep up the good work!

Review №91

Kind of a item store that you can do nice items

Review №92

Pretty organized great prices

Review №93

Love this store! Huge variety and really good prices!

Review №94

Lots of unique stuff. Occasionally may find something u need.

Review №95

Has some unique items

Review №96

Find different stuff for gifts and decorate

Review №97

Have a lot of different nice items

Review №98

Great store - great variety - great prices- great staff!

Review №99

So many wonderful things at great prices in this store!

Review №100

This is a lot like a Gordmans but a little bit nicer.

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  • Address:2916 S Glenstone Ave, Springfield, MO 65804, United States
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  • Phone:+1 417-890-9183
  • Home goods store
  • Discount store
  • Gift shop
  • Toy store
  • Variety store
Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–9PM
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  • Saturday:10AM–8PM
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Service options
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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