Vintage Stock
2611 N Kansas Expy, Springfield, MO 65803, United States
Vintage Stock
Review №1

Vintage stock can wow you with its selection if classic games, consoles and other memorabilia. If you need anime, they got you. If you need K-Pop they got you. If you need a games console for MSRP and not some absurdly, price scalped value, spend your money elsewhere. The fact that, as an example, that a Nintendo Switch OLED or PS5 can run you 400USD to 750USD is frankly absurd and rotten. Ive been told by several employees at this location, that this is due to a corporate direction as they buy their systems at MSRP.Irregardless, that doesnt give a retailer the right to massively mark systems up. It should also be noted that this price gouge does not include any added value in the form of say an extra controller or game. Instead, Vintage Stock requires that you purchase an additional set of controllers or game along with the price gouged system. At least retailers like, Sams Club, Costco and Gamestop, when selling their system bundles will often come out a better value once you price everything accordingly.Plain and simple, dont give them your money for systems. Take your business to other locations who value giving their customers a much better experience and value for the items that they are after. I understand that this is representative of a higher company value and not the sentiment of this store locations values however, it should very well be noted for anyone who is looking into potentially purchasing a newer games console from them.

Review №2

My boyfriend and I come here at least once a week. The employees are always super friendly and welcoming. Weve gotten many good deals there. Today I got a Harry Potter wand remote for about $20 and theyre typically $50. They always have a lot of really cool or unique funko pops and for good prices. We love this place!!

Review №3

Always great service. If they dont have what you want they call their other stores and have always come through.

Review №4

Really great shopping experience! Great selection and variety of product. Staff is super friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Shoutout to Art for helping me out and being a great employee!

Review №5

Very nice environment. There was one employee who seemed very irriated, he looked through all the cards I brought to sell, and it seemed like he was more worried about damaged cards then the ones that mattered!

Review №6

Great place....has and games. They can order anything and ship to you

Review №7

This is one of the best places you can find stuff like animes along with other movies and tv series that are so very rare, nearly impossible to find in other stores these days. If you need to find anime, this is the place to find them

Review №8

I love any place that still deals in CDs. Im here to tell you tho.....i have a headache every time I leave there because of the glare from the lights on the plastic wrap covering the discs. Next time Im prolly gonna do the hokey pokey and turn myself around. Then Ill find out if thats what its all about.

Review №9

I have been there once cause we bought this ps3 off someone and so we went too go too get a game we got 3 the walking dead,synated or something and one more forgot but great service they will answers any questions you may have this I have recommended too my friend family and you

Review №10

Got a used xbox one controller to replace my very worn one that still works. Staff were on phones mostly asking other stores if they had something in stock. Too busy for the people waiting in line. Got the used controller home and took a closer look at it. VERY dirty, with sticky buttons. Tried it with a game and it works worse than my original, and cost almost $50!!! Not happy at all and expect a full refund when I return it

Review №11

Nice store with a wide variety of items. I go there to check out the DvDs and sports cards.

Review №12

Always friendly and extremely helpful. Love this store

Review №13

Love this place the people are amazing and I love joking around and there always helpful

Review №14

The other vintage stocks are much better. At this location the staff is unhelpful and rude. They act like there better than everyone else and walk around with there noses stuck up. God forbid you have a question or need assistance.

Review №15

I have usually had a decent experience before. But this time the staff was very rude. And made me feel much unwelcomed.

Review №16

We like this location alright. The staff are generally kind and generally helpful. Personally, I find the location a little out of the way and a place you seem to kind of have to go out of the way to get there.

Review №17

Good people, had what I need.

Review №18

Sister store to entertainmart, both the best places in town to buy all you need for electronics, games, DVDs, toys, and so so much more and best costumer service you can ask for!

Review №19

My son loves this store. From games to movies, they have a wide variety. Staff is very friendly and helpful.

Review №20

Great place to get your entertainment needs. The people are wonderful.

Review №21

Clean store. Wonderful helpful employees. And a great sale.

Review №22

Ive dealt with Art in the past hes an awesome person never rude at all hes not built that way so maybe the people writing the negative things is actually the negative person

Review №23

Drove in during a snowstorm to buy a kinect to entertain my small children. Spent $100 and made sure with the employee that I didnt need a special adapter to hook up. He said I needed a standard usb wall outlet. That is not the case. Now my kids who were very excited are crying. I ordered one from Amazon and have to wait a couple days. This is infuriating. I would have spent more money with them to buy the adapter or at least been able to pick one up in town. I live 30 minutes away.

Review №24

Cool vibe and even cooler employees. This place is super cool, but made me feel old. 😬🤣

Review №25

Got to love a deal on used items.

Review №26

Always a blast good prices. Nostalgia for sure.

Review №27

Not much back issue comic stock. Mostly newer stuff.

Review №28

Staff was friendly, and they had a lot of old games that I used to play as a kid. Only downside is some of the prices, but thats a nationwide cost. Glad that I kept the N64/Games from my childhood!

Review №29

Art was very helpful and kind. He’s the reason I shop at this Vintage Stock!

Review №30

Always helpful with any questions, great variety and decent prices

Review №31

Friendly staff, lots off good things to choose from. I would recommend coming here for movies and others

Review №32

Great deals on used CDs

Review №33

My son and I come in quite often. Today I took back some wiring I purchased for my sons old x box 360. It turns out his 360 doesnt work anymore. It might have been the wiring, it could have been his 360, I dont know. I had my receipt, which I had spent a total of 170 bucks when I bought the wiring. The wiring amounted to 27 dollars back. The employee said I could take the cash, or get something else in exchange. I said I would just exchange it. I picked out some movies. The employee told me he overrode the void this time, but normally I could just exchange a like item. They dont exchange things because you arent satisfied, only if it is defective. First of all, either the game system was defective, or the wiring was, either way, defective! I still couldnt use the wiring, so why would I want it? Also, if I had known the employee was going to complain to me about my return, that I did have a receipt for, I just would have taken the cash, and then did the exact same thing I thought I could with the exchange. I dont like youre return process to begin with, it takes way too long. I certainly do not appreciate being talked down to. This store in particular should know me well enough by now, I come in fairly frequently. I wasnt taking back a game, or a movie. It was wiring.

Review №34

Still got my comic subscription wrong

Review №35

Have been going to this location for many years now . The staff is very helpful and the prices are great. I can find things here that I could not get else where. Thanks to all the staff who have really helped me every single time I go.

Review №36

Staff is nice and helpful but I have had issues with several different products that I bought from here. not well made when brand new and not worth resale when used. Not everything is bad but I shouldnt have to exchange or return, 1 out of every 4 items bought, over the last few years. Its getting redundant .

Review №37

Great store. Their older nintendo games are a little pricy.

Review №38

Getting pricey on many things. Trade is worthless. Love the store and people

Review №39

$850 for a new digital PS5 is ridiculous. Just sell it for the correct retail price instead of trying to take advantage of people!

Review №40

Love this store

Review №41

It is good. Has comic books and toys.Edit: So at least a year later I am updating my review. My fiancé and I like to come to this specific location of vintage stock, because people are pretty chill.We arent huge spenders here, but they take care of us like we were. They remember us, what we are into, and often suggest something they saw we might like. And not in a pushy sales way either, but a genuine interest in sharing new things. Steven in particular is super great at this.

Review №42

Went in to buy some bulk box of pokemon cards paid $70 for a 1000 card box got it home and opened it and there was not one holographic card of any kind and there wasnt even 1000 cards in the box there was 883 and the cards wasnt even bulk they was the $10 packs that they put out on the shelf. If i wanted those i would have bought them. I strongly suggest NOT buying cards from this store. I spent $70 just to get ripped off.

Review №43

Thay wear very helpful

Review №44

Nice selection, friendly staff, with a good working knowledge of the products. We were buying play station games for the grand kids and have NO clue as to what is what. They walked us through a bunch of games and made selecting them much easier. Found a couple of good used CDs for us while we were there. Worth the visit!

Review №45

Great place. Awesome staff!

Review №46

This place was better as a kid. Its good but Ive been in better. Staff was ok, honestly kind of know it all border line rude. Might return in another 10 years or so.

Review №47

I have watched in dismay over the years as brick and mortar used video game stores like this closed their doors. Sure, big-name chains sell used games for current consoles, but only places like this hold out and sell games and gear for classic consoles that shouldnt die out just because they are old(er). So kudos to Vintage Stock, that managed to not only stay alive, but steadily thrive! Keep hiring folks like I met in the Springfield, Joplin, and Oklahoma City—people who love and therefore know the games they sell. [I cant really comment on all the other stuff they sell—comics, books, DVDs, collectibles, cards, and more—because I focus on the games, but the selection is crazy big! The Joplin store is massive.]

Review №48

Great store. Really good selection of used games, dvds, new records, and comic books. They have 3 locations around town, and friendly helpful staff.

Review №49

Its awesome😊,very nice people and service!!

Review №50

Very nice people helpful

Review №51

The employee Art was rude and condescending. Probably won’t be back to this location I the future

Review №52

Very helpful and knowledgeable. Was pleased

Review №53

This Vintage Stock is night and day different than the other store. I recommend this store any day. The staff here are extremely helpful and the prices seem just a tad more fair.

Review №54

Only place in springfield that I can find that takes gift cards for cash

Review №55

Employees are great and very helpful.. Give them a Raise..

Review №56

I went in with 12 items to sell . Im happy I got the item I wanted and I was in and out in 5 minutes. Shout out to Joey hes really friendly and quick at his job !

Review №57

Sales associates are unprofessional, disinterested, and only care about getting the customer out of the way. Used products are not guaranteed to work at all. Limited in store selection.

Review №58

Went to Vintage Stock to purchase a particular video game for Xbox 360. This store (north location) did not have it. The store clerk took the time to find it at one of their other locations. The stores are stocked well and very well organized.

Review №59

Nice selection of video games and comics. The people there were helpful and cool.

Review №60

Great prices on used movies/games. They buy/ sell/ and trade and give a fair price for your used items your looking to get some cash out of. Way more than other places around.

Review №61

People seem friendly and decent selection

Review №62

Very nice people. And lots of awesome stuff.

Review №63

Ive been going there as long as I can remember, not once have I had even close to a bad experience. Well stocked (😁) super friendly and helpful staff, very fair prices.

Review №64

I came in last night and I have to say I was so very pleased. The store manager was very courteous and bright and helped me with everything I needed which is a lot to ask because I dont know a thing about video games and my grandsons are all about these video games. It was very busy and I didnt want to bother any body between the manager on registers and helping a young woman crying at the counter and the other young man as busy helping others around I didnt think Id ever find what I was looking for but the manager was very welcoming and informative considering how busy it was. Bless there hearts. This business is very lucky to. I wish they were around when my husband had his little corner store.GREAT service and a fun store.

Review №65

Employees would rather stand behind counter and talk than help customers. When asked a question; employees attitude immediately changes to inconvenienced by your nuisance. ( I did need to interrupt their conversation on the music they were going to play! 🤔❓ ) It seems to get worse in evenings. Quick and Spiteful answers are the General Reply! When asked if they have any specific material: A quick no and try the other store is the answer TAUGHT. Then a quick look through the store reveals 5 items that they were unwilling to know existed. Brought the items to the register and asked for directions to the other store. They started ringing them up and mentioned the location. I said, Thanks and walked out of the store without buying anything. Not returning!!! 😬❗

Review №66

Great store. The customer service is amazing

Review №67

Great store, associates always willing to help, lots of great items

Review №68

Store manager is very helpful, courteous and goes above what is expected. The store is organized and fun to be in. The store didnt have a item I wanted so the searched Amazon and more on the web. Definitely my store

Review №69

The most helpful staff.

Review №70

Favorite one in Springfield. They are nice and have a great selection.

Review №71

Huge selection. Lots of different things. Awesome customer service.

Review №72

Been my favorite place since i was a kid

Review №73

Love this place, great selection, phenomenal staff

Review №74

Was there yesterday for the first time in months (moved away). The store looks amazing, clean, organized, and the staff was on top of everything and helpful. Great job :)

Review №75

Cool place whats a good movies and stuff and games that you cant find anywhere

Review №76

I called them and was led to believe i could sell my trading cards for a penny a piece here, but after getting here i was informed the buying price was a fifth of that. The associates were great and patient but im not a fan of being lied or not being the whole truth. Good selection and prices on most everything.

Review №77

Needs more Rap cds

Review №78

Rude! Completely and utterly rude. The two guys that work in there the majority of the time will try and screw you over any chance they can. Guess what? Poor people like myself probably really dont care if there is a tiny scuff mark on something. Its affordable! We will being doing business elsewhere. Thanks Joel😡

Review №79

Courteous service happy environment.

Review №80

I called them to see if they had a season of a show and they said they didnt so I went to check and they had it. I wasnt very happy. They need to have their stuff more organized

Review №81

They have all kinds of movies,music, books and games even going back to original gameboy

Review №82

To much to mention love this place

Review №83


Review №84

Very helpful employees.

Review №85

Not as big of a selection as the south store, but still find many hidden gems that I normally do not run across at the south store either! Great prices, the selection is still great, and like always they have the best employees that will take time to help you find what you are looking for!

Review №86

Great service, all the people are kind and I like how they will talk with you about stuff even as they work. and they are really helpful when asked questions about items and various products. and I must say, some of the figures in the shelves are very reasonably priced, good deals every time I go

Review №87

This store is amazing can find alot there on games comics and other things

Review №88

Great staff and a fantastic selection of games and other memorabilia

Review №89

Interesting store

Review №90

Vintage Stock is basically your entertainment one stop shop. They sell movies on DVD and Blu-Ray, often for great prices, as well as music on CD and vinyl, as well as video games, comic books and other entertainment memorabilia, like action figures and posters. While theres no guarantee that theyll have exactly what you want in stock, theres just about always something there to tempt you. Check it out. The employees are friendly and keep the place well organized. They can also resurface CDs and DVDs. Its not guaranteed to completely fix scratched discs and make them good as new, but if its a pressed disc and the scratch isnt too deep, it often prevents needing a replacement.

Review №91

Insanely rude and awkward employees. We waited 20 minutes for something out of one of the cases. They were standoffish as hell and acted annoyed that we were purchasing the items. We also asked for a wall scroll off the ceiling. They told us to check the packaged ones on the wall, so we did. When we came back and told him it wasnt there, he stormed off to check himself because he knew it was. (It wasnt, and he had to get a ladder and get it down anyway.) If the other location in town wouldve had them.. wed have gone there. Will never go back into this one. The WORST Ive experienced in a store like this.

Review №92

Im a comic book subscriber at this location. The staff is excellent. They always greet their customers soon as you walk in. They will search at length to locate what you are looking for, even if that means calling the south store and sending you there. They really want to serve their customers. The manager Sam is great! If you want to know ANYTHING about comics talk to Shaggy he knows ... well .... everything! I highly recommend this store.

Review №93

Great store for console or PC gamers, comic readers, and just about any music or movie genre with a wide selection. Greatest nerd store Ive found around here.

Review №94

This is the best Vintage Stock Ive been to, they even have a one-up on the Joplin HQ store. Not as much product as the HQ but the staff here is awesome. No matter how busy they are or arent, staff have always been friendly to me and greeted me at the door. People that work there are knowledgeable about what they sell. Ive seen more than once instead of just pointing where something is, employees come out from behind the counter and physically show people where what theyre looking for is located (even during busy sale weekends).Never had a bad experience selling to the store, best place around to offload bulk cards and comics. Employees here arent out to get people selling, if the credit they offer you or cash is pretty low theyll go ahead and let you know in a way that doesnt outright say so to keep with company policy.Great store, glad I live close enough to go here regularly.

Review №95

Wonderful selection and the staff is willing to take time to help you find something at this store and the other in town!

Review №96

If you are in the hunt for movies or video games, youll probably do alright at this location. If youre looking for anything else Vstock usually trades in... toys, comics, music... This isnt the location for you. This is one of the smaller locations and they just either dont have the stock or the volume of sales to justify putting more emphasis on other areas.

Review №97

Absolutely love shopping here!! We always find a little treasure.

Review №98

Fun place to shop for old and new games, movies and action figures. Employees are always very nice and very helpful.

Review №99

Awesome selection and the staff was great. Will definitely be back!

Review №100

Nice enough place. Find about any movie or CD you looking for.

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