Roses Discount Store
2960 Derr Road Northland Plaza Shopping Center, Springfield, OH 45503, United States
Roses Discount Store
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I love this store, Roses discount store has almost everything! Havent been there in a while but Im going back today, which is the most popular day of the week & Im going with my sis. Its her 1st time, I think πŸ˜‰

Review β„–2

You. Have. Lots. Cheap. Stuff. There its. A. Nice. Place. To. Shop. There

Review β„–3

By all these bad customer service reviews, I wont be shopping there. I was looking forward on going there but I might as well go to Bargain Hunt or Marshalls to get almost the same or similar items for the price they are charging. Unbelievable how customer service is there.

Review β„–4

Its worth a look

Review β„–5

This place has went down hill so fast it reminds me of a flee market boxes and stuff everywhere the hole place just looks bad but they have some discounts at good prices

Review β„–6

Good prices and variety

Review β„–7

The outside of the store is terrible looking.They have two very tall brick flower (weeds) planters out around the brick pillars. They are busted and crumbling and unsafe. Obviously they are out in the parking lot too far and have been hit several times.Theres graffiti on the Pepsi machine and it could use a fresh coat of paint. I wont shop here.

Review β„–8

Every time I come up to visit, I frequent this store. I love it!Clothing, shoes, food/drink, personal care items, decor, animal care items, lawn and garden as well as crafting items - all at amazing prices.I wish we had this store in Texas. It would be my first choice for shopping.The choices in the aforementioned are great, the store is clean and neat and Ive never, personally, had any issues with the employees. Theyve always greeted me when Ive walked through the door, have been helpful if Ive had a question and were polite in their demeanor.As stated, I sure wish this store would come to my town in Texas....Im confident it would give others a run for their money.

Review β„–9

I DID like this store. Always friendly and helpful. However, I purchased a window blind that ended up being an inch too wide that I wanted to exchange. I misplaced the receipt so I was told by one employee that I could do store credit (common practice in retail) since I was not able to find one in the correct size/color. I gathered my purchases, which was well over the price of the blind. And then was told that since I had opened the package it could not be exchanged. I cannot wrap my mind around this. I am frustrated! And now I am out money for a product that I cant use. That was literally out of the package for 30sec. Good luck if you ever want to return anything that youve opened!!! It will be a loooong time before I shop here again.

Review β„–10

Somewhat decent items. Bought a cheap pair of shoes that were on clearance but honestly they arent worth the clearance price either. Their take a walk shoes are so cheap as hell. The right shoe has a left sole in it so it doesnt set in the shoe properly not to mention its not padded while the left shoe has a proper sole and its padded. Whoever was in control of quality sure as hell needs fired. Clothes for children arent the size they are labeled as or comes with random holes in general unnoticeable areas.

Review β„–11

Love the store they have so much to choose from and its all usually cheap thank you Roses

Review β„–12

The Roses Discount Store on Derr Rd in Springfield OH is terrible. Employees there are rude and discriminative. I only went to this store twice, but each time I went there, the employees treated me like a thief and showed little respect. They asked customers of color to leave bags at the front but did not do this to white people. Most employees dont wear a mask and shopping there is very unsafe. Stay away from this place like plaque.

Review β„–13

Roses is pretty much like Big Lots. You can always find something cheap and theres lots of items to chose from. Our cashier was very nice. I got these shoes for 11 dollars.You should be on the lookout for irregular items, however. I once got a pair of pajama bottoms and one leg was a large, the other leg was a small. πŸ˜‚

Review β„–14

I like the prices, but customer service is absolutely horrible. In order to try something on you have to walk across the store to find someone to open the dressing room. They usually take their time & act as if you are putting them out. Dressing rooms look as though they havent been cleaned ever. Needed to return an item & was told rudely I had to get in line. There was no line!!!! One person checking out. By the time that person was finished someone had stepped in behind them. When I tried to hand the Cashier my return she rudely told me again I had to get in line & wouldnt take my return. When I asked for manager she stated same thing. If I wait my turn why does it matter if I am beside or at the end or the register? Will take my money elsewhere.

Review β„–15

Great deals. Though a lot if shoddy materials, double check everything before you buy. No return policy. Always seems low on staff, but still love it.

Review β„–16

Cheap and discounted clothes, shoes, toys, general items such as bathroom, kitchen, and personal care items.I bought some flat caps. Pretty good deal

Review β„–17

My grandma opened an in-store layaway here, she paid 15 dollars on it. It was one item and she basically just wanted to hold it in there for one month and pay it off so she could ensure they would still have it when she got her monthly check. She checked with the associate who was setting up her layaway and they said it was okay that she could do that. Well she went in and tried to pick up the item a month later and they said they put her item back because she didnt make a two week payment on it. So she explained that they told her it was okay to just pay it off the first of the next month. They argued with her saying that they didnt tell her that, the manager basically was calling my 65 year old grandma a liar. So what did they do? They refused to give her the 15 dollars back that she put down on the item, she was so shaken up when she left there that she was almost in tears because it was a present for her great granddaughter, and they refused to give her the money back and also wouldnt offer to just go back and get the item and let her pay it off. Teriible customer service in my opinion being that I work in retail myself and would never in my life treat my customers this way. Shame on them for treating an elderly lady the way you did. I will never shop here again.

Review β„–18

It is an okay store, I do NOT like the style within the clothes and purses though. Nice little discount store though. Would not buy clothing, shoes, or purses though!

Review β„–19

I love this store. Year round layaway options, many different clothes choices. From shampoo to candles, you can find it here.

Review β„–20

Prices are decent, selection isnt bad. Customer service is horrible. We brought a pair of shoes to the check-out, not realizing they didnt have a price tag. The cashier lady was rude about it, as though it was our fault and we did it just to inconvenience her. My daughter ran back instantly to grab another pair for reference and one of the other employees ripped the shoes out of her hand, angrily, to call up and give the price check. All the while I stood there listening to the cashier complain to a self-proclaimed former employee in line about how she hates it when people bring up things without price tags. The former employee continued to talk smack even in the parking lot as my daughter and I were leaving. I wont be back.

Review β„–21

Great place to shop reasonable prices and they have layaway which is great !

Review β„–22

Nice place. Pricey but overall good place to shop.

Review β„–23

I like shopping at roses they have great prices

Review β„–24

I will give them a B+...only because at first it seemed as if they didnt believe me when i told them it wouldnt turn on.then it seemed like they thought all i wanted was money.then when they realized i actually wanted another speaker and they had none i ended up with in store credit to get a phone charger that charges when u have no electric around like in the woods far out...good trade thanks...i think jennifer did what she could.....

Review β„–25

Nice with a bit of everything

Review β„–26

The people are always so friendly there.

Review β„–27

Nice place good prices

Review β„–28

I love roses that store is awesome!

Review β„–29

I like shopping at the store however a few of the staff were very rude and not helpful at all... i will go at another time to seek the help that i need...

Review β„–30

Old bag wont give out bags.

Review β„–31

Good place to find reasonable prices

Review β„–32

Best place ever!!

Review β„–33

Has get things cheap. Picked up somethings for my camper.Only thing is I was in line for way to long, two women ahead of me putting things in layaway, only one register open.

Review β„–34

Great place for inexpensive household items

Review β„–35

Need to expand their whole sale buying:-$.

Review β„–36

Overall its an okay place to shop but the staff was a bit rude!!!!

Review β„–37

Ill shop here but there close run small!

Review β„–38

Selection is OK but electronics are overpriced.

Review β„–39

Very friendly staff.

Review β„–40

This store is somewhat disappointing it is supposed to be a discount store however some of the things here are overpriced I mean if its already coming from another store to this store why would it be a higher price than it was at the store it came from big huge disappointment

Review β„–41

Nice and cheap

Review β„–42

Good prices

Review β„–43

Low price clothing

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  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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