3030 Pine Lake Rd, Lincoln, NE 68516, United States
Review №1

Customers wandering all over without masks even though we are in a local mandate to wear masks indoors. Employees not saying anything to anyone either because they don’t care or don’t get paid enough to stand up for the set policies. Gross…

Review №2

Purchased the last Wilderness 135T kayak this guys had in stock and drove to pick it up from Kansas City! Much love and respect to the dock crew of this store- we had some troubles loading and securing the kayak on the car and this guys walked an extra mile to make sure everything is done properly! Helped me pick out all the right accessories, guided us in the most professional way possible and made the whole experience quick and simple! Cannot express enough how appreciative i am of every employee of this store that i had a chance to work with. Thank you!

Review №3

Love the great selection, wish they had more infant clothes though. And totally love being dog friendly!! And how nice everyone was to my Airedale Terrier. Love the many compliments on how well behaved he is and trained.

Review №4

Awesome experience! We hadnt been to Scheels for quite awhile, and it just happened that there was $85 off if you signed up for a credit card, so we ended up paying $6 for a pair of shoes!!

Review №5

Scheels Lincoln is the best. Every department always goes above and beyond. From the bike shop to hunting gear to the cashiers to the cafe…they are always the best. Thank you for always giving my family the best customer service!

Review №6

Enjoyable every time I walk in. Yet to ride the ferris wheel

Review №7

Auston (hope I spelled that right) Jones in the archery department took care of my sight, fixed it…that’s why I go back Great Service

Review №8

Fun store! Fishing gear is pretty good and reasonably priced. Since Fishing is the only reason I shop here, I honestly dont have any input in other Departments.

Review №9

Friendly personal and efficient, nice place to visit!

Review №10

You can see many things here

Review №11

Attention to details. This is certainly an area that needs to be worked on. Travel from the East Coast to Lincoln NE on Monday to purchase a rifle. Provide Scott, the manager detail instructions that I needed the rifle shipped FedEx so it would arrive on Friday the same week. I called today (Friday) to get a tracking # and learned the the rifle didnt ship till Wednesday and it was shipped UPS Ground. Needless to say, I wont see the rifle till the following Thursday. I paid way to much for the rifle for the manger to have selective hearing......... Never again!!

Review №12

Love my new shoes! Thanks to the ones helping me to find these! I Love them!

Review №13

This was my first time visiting Scheels. I had no idea what this place even was. I walked in and fell in love. Its a sportsmans paradise. It reminds me of Cabelas or Bass Pro Shops back home. It was also great for the youngsters to get them out of the house and go exploring. What I can tell you is if youre looking for any ARs they are sold out..sad face..!!

Review №14

Good sized store with pretty much anything you need for sporting goods. They have an impressive fish tank and the main entrance with lots of tropical fish and reef. The ferris wheel is $1 for a token to ride. Also they have a few arcade games which cost a dollar each. Overall great store. And a candy store!

Review №15

Love the archery department. Super nice people who are always down to help. They restrung my bow for free and did an amazing job. I have never had a bad experience here.

Review №16

Had so much fun! I could spend all day there! We had coffee at Ginnias.

Review №17

They dont mind folks breaking laws, if that matters to you.

Review №18

Just had a great experience at the Lincoln store. Dylan in the outdoor department was amazing and was able to give my wife a respectable answer for why they don’t carry women’s Sitka gear. He is the reason I purchased my Sitka Hudson jacket today.

Review №19

Great store - not just for sporting goods and athletic clothes.. Their interior decor section is fantastic. They always have a great selection 8n all departments. You can take youre dog for a walk around the store which is awesome.

Review №20

Shout to the Scheels Archery department in Lincoln, NE!Ashton you rock, thank you for setting up my Raven crossbow. Great, friendly, knowledgeable service.

Review №21

Didnt buy anything, but really liked just being there. It has a Farris wheel, a bowling alley for kids, Abraham Lincoln giving a speech, and some big beautiful wildlife displays and aquarium entryway. And thats in addition to all the clothes, sporting goods, shoes, and everything else. Its a big store that reminds me of Bass pro shops. Overall, I enjoyed the experience a lot.

Review №22

I have orthotics & needed a heavy duty shoe. My foot doctor recommended Keen shoes which Scheels carry. The sales associate who helped me was awesome!! Got great shoes & sox she suggested to get to help me in getting relief for my foot. Thank You for making my trip for new shoes very easy!!

Review №23

Beautiful place, best customer service in town, ammo is also cheep.

Review №24

Scheels is the place to go for sporting goods and just an all around great time. They have many attractions like, an aquarium when you first walk in, a ferris wheel, miniature bowling, food shops such as coffee ice cream, candy etc and so much more. Ill be visiting here again soon.

Review №25

Scheels rocks! Several floors of not just athletic gear and clothing, but practically anything you can think.of AND a merry go round AND friendly staff.

Review №26

Wow! This place is amazing! So many items! The staff is very friendly and kind. They want to make sure you get the right item!! They have a great candy shop, kids area and Ferris wheel! They Ferris wheel is the largest for a Scheels store!!

Review №27

Stop here on the weekends as it’s across town. Tons of great items here, I always find what I’m looking for. If I can’t find it staff is very helpful. The atmosphere is great and my kids really enjoy it. Always a great place to shop.Plenty of things to find here for any occasion. We love to find gifts here. They have a great variety of team apparel which we love!

Review №28

Great place for new sporting gear from running shoes to electric bikes and hunting to lawn games, you can find about anything here. Also makes for a great afternoon with kids with the Farris wheel, aquarium, taxidermy mountain, and statues located throughout the store.(Also has a restaurant/eatery inside but havent tried it yet)

Review №29

More choice to pick from compared to Cabelas and Bass Pro. Pricy, cleanliness, family friendly store for all

Review №30

If I could put 10 stars I would - VERY Helpful Trevor helped me through purchasing a specialty item that was needed pretty urgent!!! THANKS

Review №31

Great return policy... I purchased hiking boots and tried to break them in, but the boots were making my toes go numb & Scheels still exchanged them even after I had worn them outside a few times. Brady was super helpful while selecting a new pair.

Review №32

Great customer service in the bike department! The guys got my bike tuned up quick and very pleasant to talk with.

Review №33

Phenomenal store, Ferris wheel girl was a baddie lol

Review №34

Go there often and never had a bad experience. Called before they where open one day talked to a manager named Luke was very happy to help me out with my question he was very friendly and helpful. There is no better place in town for sporting goods and the staff could not be any more helpful or friendly!!!!!!

Review №35

Went to Scheels for a handful of things. Got most of them, and what we couldnt get the day of, the associates helped us figure out what our options were. Adam Z and Sam B in the bike section really spent some time on making sure we could eventually get what we were after. Really impressive customer service!

Review №36

The managers and the people in the firearms section have no clue about gun laws or guns. Their lack of knowledge for nfa items and their need to spread misinformation about them is disappointing borderline fear mongering. Either that or they just enjoy stealing from their customers.

Review №37

Quick service and friendly staff. If you are wanting to shop in an environment where people wear masks, dont go here

Review №38

Clean place to shop. Very helpful as i walked around even complmented me on my purse. Very friendly

Review №39

Great! I went in found what I was looking for. Had some assistance with what type to go with by description of each different kind had to offer (Boxing bags) and made my decision.Gentlemen that helped me was an amazing help. Offered to help get it to the vehicle and in the vehicle. Great service, beautiful store. Happy as a first time customer!

Review №40

Was on a dual mission to look at bikes and to pick up some fishing stuff. Conner in Bikes was especially helpful as well as the guy who helped me pick out an ultralight rod. I cant recall his name unfortunately. And the Scotcharoos are a must-have every time we go!!

Review №41

Kylie Gokie, womens shoe department, was the greatest help, very friendly. Busiest girl there. She took wonderful care of my wifes needs. She should be commended.

Review №42

Great archery shop. Always extremely helpful and enthusiastic about the sport.

Review №43

Great store with plenty of selection.

Review №44

Helpful staff. Generally knowledgeable although the number of products and speciality of items can lead to waiting for an assigned staff member to arrive. Selection is generally good with the exception of firearms and ammunition, but this is not their fault (review written during 2021 in midst of manufacturing shortages in these industries). However when they do get stock, unlike other stores they dont seem to increase prices dramatically if at all. Overall a great experience. Areas outside guns and ammo are loaded with great items and the store itself is clean and beautiful.

Review №45

Super friendly customer service. It looks incredible inside and they have a great selection of many things including awesome selection of running shoes

Review №46

We went early on a Tuesday afternoon.Kinsley helped my girlfriend in the shoe department & was very helpful & courteous. Also picked up fudge from the cafeteria. BOMB FUDGE!Thanks SCHEELS.

Review №47

I love this place for all of my outdoor and Sporting Goods needs

Review №48

I am a camping and hunting guy. Scheels has what I want 75% of the time. The staff is fantastic. Sometimes even when I have no money, I go and window shop there. So much cool stuff.

Review №49

Wow! Such outstanding decor, something for everyone even if you arent in there shopping for sports related merchandise. Kids will love seeing all the animals, ferris wheel, toy section, aquarium, and of course, sports equipment just their size.

Review №50

The items I was looking for we’re out of stock, and only one of the many associates who I passed closely by acknowledged my presence. I frankly felt fairly unwelcome during my visit visit

Review №51

They had everything in stock and were sanitizing as people were coming through which let me have some sense of clarity. They also had sanitizing stations around the store which was nice. I like how when you are sitting they are just their checking in for help. It helps when you are needing help but no one was there. Great Store, Great Products, Thanks

Review №52

I figured the place would be empty. Most people I seen buying ammo! Who need toilet paper more then ammo!?!?! But I got what I need before they went bare. If you need 223 you better hurry up its going quick!! Great store!! Ive bought all of them here but one shotgun from cabelas.

Review №53

If anyones looking for shoes talk to Paul. My wife hates shopping for running shoes and he did an amazing job. I felt like I needed to tip him and was told to tell a manager instead. He took the time and measured her foot and was very professional. He watched the way she walked and her foot moved. If youre looking for a new pair of shoes ask for him. He knows what hes doing. This guy needs a raise!

Review №54

Scheels is pretty great, we like the selection of sports equipment and its a nice place to visit in general. Kids like the fish tank and the animal displays.

Review №55

A little too big to run in and grab something, but has everything.

Review №56

Excellent service, excellent selection!A very large (2 level) sporting goods store that also has a ferris wheel, clothing, a candy shop, and more.

Review №57

Always an excellent experience! Very helpful staff, and great inventory!

Review №58

One of the best stores I like going to. One of my favorite.

Review №59

A little bit on the pricey side but for the selection they have well worth it

Review №60

I absolutely live Scheels. Great sale on 12 guage rightnow. People are nice and helpful.

Review №61

I ordered a Garmin depth finder and I will say at the price I was very skeptical. But I was very surprised and the speed and quality of the product and customer service. I will order from them for all of my needs thanks

Review №62

Best pLACE EVER be they have airsoft guns and a ferris wheel and and a candy shop and guns.

Review №63

The employees greet you when you arrive.Service was great! The selection is quite varied and of good quality. There restaurant is a great place to eat and drink. It was a pleasure to shop at SCHEELS.

Review №64

Ginnas Cafe is excellent.

Review №65

Amazing store had a great selection of pants and shirts.

Review №66

Friendly place to shop and they seem to have well trained professionals working for them

Review №67

Very beautiful. So much better after they revamped

Review №68

The aquarium is nice. The roast beef sandwich is pretty good if you get hungry while you are shopping. The shoe department has a good selection and the sales people are very helpful.

Review №69

Lots of items, friendly service! Like the Memorial day tribute running in the store today.

Review №70

This Scheels is one of the best locations Ive been to. The staff are always willing to cheerfully help out, and know their stuff pretty well usually. The large aquariums at the entrance are pretty mesmerizing to watch, and the huge taxidermy display on the second floor is really awesome as well. Definitely a fun place to hang out at even if youre not in a spendy mood.

Review №71

All sorts of sporting goods and run some good deals here. Great selection of guns. Buy my kids shoes here a lot

Review №72

Always cool place to walk around and look at stuff. Lol

Review №73

I love this store and ever since it expanded its been even more amazing! Their hunting and sports selections are awesome and Id be surprised if you couldnt find what you need at Scheels.

Review №74

The salesman was very friendly and curious who has treated me with great respect and deserves a bonus !! (Scott)

Review №75

Ok so one piece of advice is don’t even try parking in the parking lot when it’s busy, it’s a nightmare. Your better off parking in the garage next to it. A great store inside though. Tons of product and tons of space.

Review №76

Meet place short on ammo plenty of other stuff

Review №77

Kinsley in the womens shoe dept was very helpful, as well as Carla in the cafe with our fudge purchase!

Review №78

Very clean and respectful to everyone. Beautiful fish tankVery nice employees. We will go again.

Review №79

Unique experience and an amazing fish aquarium. A cool place to get your loved ones gifts.

Review №80

Was absolutely impressed with the service tech in archery. Very knowledgeable, respectful, just can’t say enough about this young man. Very satisfied with the work done on my bow and learned a few things in the process. Thanks buddy.

Review №81

I buy fishing gear there. I just had 2 fishing reels spooled they took time to show me how to tie my line on because its a different style reel. Every one is always happy to answer any questions. Thanks for the great service.Steve

Review №82

Gary M. was really helpful and seemed genuinely nice. The young woman at the register was also friendly yet not the fake kind that one is when working retail. Definitely coming back.

Review №83

Great looking store, employees are always nice. Kids love the large aquarium. Very good selection for outdoors, sports etc. Only draw back is the prices are high. I take my bow here when I need something done.

Review №84

Busy..... but clean and lots of friendly staff my kids love the aquarium

Review №85

I need one of everything in this store!!! Plz help!

Review №86

Store personnel are very helpful, and the store is well stocked.

Review №87

Wow.. Wow.. Wow..Impressive place to take the kids. Their inside ferris wheel, Animal displays, and aquarium are next level. They have a huge selection of outdoor gear, clothing, just about anything you could ever need. Many helpful sales folks. Even a cafè and candy factory. Very nicely done. Highly recommended.

Review №88

Everyone working at Scheels does a great job with customers. I love their shoe dept.

Review №89

It was nice but very high priced merchandise? Great place to go looking around at?

Review №90

Always polite and helpful.

Review №91

Horrible customer service! I ordered a specialty order a week ago. They told me it would be to my home in 8-10 weeks. Now, they are saying they are out of stock and I can have the nasty floor model for 10% off. Its a $2800 dining room set. Im disappointed in Scheels and their lack of consideration for customers.

Review №92

Stopped to get my non resident hunting license, they did not have any of the sportsmen atlas that show where the public land is....Know it is the last month of the season but was hoping they would have a copy.

Review №93

Honestly the best big box retail experience. All employees are super knowledgeable and friendly.Almost want to hang out with them outside of the store!

Review №94

I found everything I needed and went on the Faris wheels

Review №95

Forgot to read her name tag, but the lady working around the women’s coats around 6pm tonight was absolutely amazing (she had shorter light colored hair and a printed black white, and colorful mask)! She helped me compare brands and sizes of the Columbia jackets and even checked on inventory for sizes-offered to place an online order for me while I was in the store too! The help was truly appreciated and helped me tremendously in picking the perfect new winter coat. She’s truly an asset to the Scheels team and I’ll be back next time I’m in need for some gear.

Review №96

Friendly place to shop, large what I needed. It was a good day.

Review №97

Just went to pickup fishing items, they had everything we were needing. Employees greeted us.

Review №98

Great selections of equipment, and great service.

Review №99

You cant help but be impressed when you walk into this place, I could have stared all day at the fish tank and if I worked there I would find away to get a job doing just that, but It probably isnt a postion. The staff that I did work with were knowledgeable about the item I was looking into purchasing and showed me exactly what the differences were between the choices, that is the kind of place, I will go back to even if it seems a little pricey

Review №100

Wouldve given 5 stars but they were completely out of all minnows and completely out of wax worms

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  • Address:3030 Pine Lake Rd, Lincoln, NE 68516, United States
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  • Phone:+1 402-420-9000
  • Archery store
  • Sporting goods store
  • Bicycle Shop
  • Clothing store
  • Fashion accessories store
  • Fishing store
  • Hunting store
  • Shoe store
  • Sportswear store
  • Toy store
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible elevator:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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