Walmart Supercenter
1350 N 1st St, Hermiston, OR 97838, United States
Walmart Supercenter
Review №1

Second curbside order delayed without any communication, then cancelled with a hold still on our money. The website is horrible to navigate with the changes they’ve made, and many items are not available, for pickup any longer, and I don’t see the advantage of going here as opposed to Safeway anymore.

Review №2

Great prices and good deals! All your shopping needs in one convenient location.

Review №3

I am loving the pick up order! The employees are so kind. I wish I could give them tip because they always do a great job

Review №4

Alot of people everywere .its not as bad as safeway right now!

Review №5

Picking my n online b order was fast friendly and efficient! Only waited for my order for like 2 minutes. Long enough for the attendant to pick my order up and carry it out to me. Easy & DONE!

Review №6

Making it a hassle to pay with cash, while simultaneously being short on cash enough to not give any coin change back.. pretty annoying. Doesnt feel very professional. Feels pretty ghetto.

Review №7

I love the online shopping. But if I have to actually go inside the store, its ridiculous. I went to customer service and asked if someone could help me buy a ladder. They said they would send someone to meet me there. I waited 20 minutes. Found someone else and asked if they could help me. Waited another 10 minutes. Had to find someone else. Should have gone to home depot I guess. Walmart has lots of associates, but all they can do is stand around and visit with each other.

Review №8

They had lots of staff, and the staff was very helpful. Shelves were NOT full, but it looked like they were restocking. I was able to replace my blood pressure monitor, this one is nicer than my old one.

Review №9

What up Hermiston Walmart! The Customer Service Department high five for good team work, communication, professionalism, accuracy. . and listening to the customer. ;) Mr. and Mrs. ED TEWALT

Review №10

Friendly and quick workers! Way better than my town

Review №11

In and out pretty fast today. That was nice.

Review №12

Month after month I have gone into Walmart I only go maybe twice a month and every time there will be bare shelfs n I may not be able to get at most four mabey five of the this I need today 17 items I needed I could not get n most items didnt have other brands available it was as though there had been a going out of business sale wal mart was only place my ride was going today now I will have to wait three or four days the biggest item I can not do with out is store brand bottled water all there was is Hugh end high priced water I now have to beg someone to run to next town about a 75 mile around trip n the odds of finding some one that has time or means to do it for me is slim every time I never see any one stocking shelves I relize u all stock at night but I go in the morning before its to busy n yet shelves are bare I see many employees doing their peoples orders n thats it I believe I will find another store

Review №13

These are the best bagels I’ve had in Washington! My favorite is the jalapeño bagel and the pepperoni bagel!!!!

Review №14

Has alot of good deals most the time but the employees can sometimes be hard to find or lack experience or knowledge of there own store

Review №15

Probly one of the worst stores in the area. The issues for the lines was resolved a while back with the recent remodel and the addition of a lot of self checkout registers. But good luck getting down the isles. This place is uniquely over crowded at any point and none of the associates are very helpful. Expect to have to chase someone down to get answers to any of your questions. Electronics department is normally pretty empty and there arent very many associates back there to help with questions or carry outs. TLE is pretty much backed up all the time so if youre looking for a quick checkout and exit of the store, be prepared to wait some time before actually getting help with this in either department. This store is usually stocked as long as the customers arent over buying/stocking up on things they dont actually need. Customers are something else in this store as well. Many of them can be found having family reunions with long lost cousins jamming up any given isle talking about how little Jonny is so amazing at the sport he plays but also lacks basic education. (Thats a stab at the local educational department though)

Review №16

Tidy store not as large as some but found most of what I needed. Staff very helpful, even offered to help carry out my cart due to my disability

Review №17

I wish Stok’ ice coffee was available at all markets! I thank Walmart & Walmart employees for all the hard work 💕

Review №18

Not very impressive, but its a Walmart. The produce is often questionable and staff is not super helpful. But again, its a Walmart. Itll do, and is the cheapest place to buy most groceries in a 20 mile radius.

Review №19

It was full like always...majority of the people not wearing mask and its their choice,the pandemic is not over and we are not out of the woods yet

Review №20

Drove over an hour to this location due to other locations not carrying the products i was in search of. When I visited the website, it claimed they were in stock with the products I needed. When I arrived they were completely sold out. I also warn anyone that orders site to store that they have air conditioning or arrive at a time in the day it isnt too hot. The wait is very long and not comfortable with no shade. Please keep your site up to date. Thank you.

Review №21

I freaking love this SUPER STORE.!!! I Come all the way from Rufus Oregon.

Review №22

Awful crazy busy, empty shelves all the time. Its a smaller Walmart but it feels like they tried to jam a super Walmart in the size of a fast food restaurant

Review №23

It seems that no one is trained to assist customers on any products. Very few of them even know the location of items. When Ive asked about their training they get before they actually go onto the floor as a sales associate all I ever get is blank stares. I figure the problem is management! Definitely cant find one of them at this store unless its closing time and difficult questions are pushed to the next day for the manager that will be in in the morning.However, if all you want are things you know about then this store is as good as any!

Review №24

Ive enjoyed the new remodel, although hectic at times the employees were very helpful😊

Review №25

Staff was great, but the smallest Wal-Mart that Ive ever been to. Not a lot of selection.

Review №26

Ok...not was looking for. Unfortunate that what we are experiencing has brought us to this... Manynthings Im used to finding here is no ponger available.

Review №27

Its a Wal-Mart, not Winco. Would not advise anyone to substitute a grocery store like Winco or Safeway with Walmart

Review №28

Walmart is turning into a disaster, covid cases on the rise and they close all but one entrance. If you cant keep two entrances open maybe the fire chief needs to make a visit. Other than that, the walkways are littered with displays making it almost impossible to walk past people without rubbing elbows. Again the fire chief should check on this. This type of store stocking should be stopped. Store is clean, but in my opinion completely unsafe. As are most walmarts.

Review №29

They have a better selection on some things and more clearance items than the other. 30 min drive is the downside.

Review №30

Great store staff is friendly and helpful they generally have everything I need thank you

Review №31

Walmart has decided to get rid of customer service. They replaced employees with all self check outs. If you want tobacco products you better plan on going somewhere where else. Amazing how they now do less then Costco and charge more.

Review №32

Great customer service and very well kept up

Review №33

Amazing as always. I was able to walk rite in and find everything I needed. 😌

Review №34

Its a nice decent store to stop at, found all I needed and friendly staff

Review №35

No self check outs take cash. Why? Im sorry I dont have a welfare card. Therefore get stuck in long lines.

Review №36

Really busy. Need more actual check out lines. I hate self check out. Over an hour wait in line .

Review №37

Lots of empty shelfs inthe store.

Review №38

I love my local store, pick up service is great. I love the app

Review №39

Usually have a decent experience but not today. Buy a laundry basket and 3 small things that cashier put in basket to not have to use a bag. Receipt in hand as I exit the store. Cart wiper says can I see the receipt? Hand over receipt and he says did you pay for this humm can you not read? No I didnt pay I went out back & made a fake receipt! Waste my time & patience standing there!

Review №40

Stopped in to buy a brief case and a few folders, they had one that was 20.00, will carry the essentials i need for my drivers on board accident kit, hazmat booklets, paper logs, and vehicle inspection form booklet. I also bought a package of sheet protectors and 1/2 inch 3-ring binder to handle some procedures i will need to have handy to reference.I used the self check out, no waiting and i probably wasnt 15 mins in store, in and out, the had everything i needed, and parking was near the entrance.

Review №41

Always busy but the remodel has helped and is looking/ feeling better every time I go.

Review №42

Walmart is where i get my proscriptions and there fast and good at there job.

Review №43

Ok zone stocked well associate friendly.

Review №44

This Walmart is clean but the level of intelligence is lacking amongst the people.

Review №45

I have found that going to Walmart when they first open on Sunday mornings is the best time to actually find the place well-stocked.

Review №46

Typically Walmart. It had everything we needed.

Review №47

I did not and would not, go into the store because they dont follow Covid Protocol.I did do a pickup order, which was great. The employees that bring your order out are friendly, polite and stay 6 feet away and wear masks. They do an excellent job of shopping as well.I may never go back to shopping inside of the store again, much prefer the curb side service.

Review №48

Only 2 check stands that except cash, and the 2 slowest checkers on the registers. Safe way has my buisness.

Review №49

Walmart is awful. Crazy long lines in every checkstand, unless you use self check-out. Even then there is a long wait if you have any issue scanning items or need an ID check.

Review №50

Nice clean all shelf fest registered ®

Review №51

Its a WalMart, always got something you dont need, but have to have. Thieves high on method get caught stealing here all the time!

Review №52

There was no handicap cart for me on the grocery side

Review №53

Some employees are so rude about this stupid mask mandate, which is not a LAW!! I quit smoking son I cough. I was told to not touch anything else except what I was buying. Never have I ever been treated so rudely for coughing in my mask

Review №54

Hermiston Branch Walmart is one of the worst Walmarts that I have ever been in in my entire life

Review №55

Its Walmart, but in Hermiston. Which makes it about four times as bad as any other location. Be ready to encounter a plethora of people chatting in the middle of hallways/isles and a reluctant staff force that will absolutely do the bare minimum they are getting paid for. (dont plan on anyone looking in the back inventory for you.) Come here to save your dollar, and lose your patience at the same time, at your friendly Hermiston WalShart.

Review №56

I seldom shop @ this Walmart in Hermiston, but noticed that there were a lot of empty shelves. Not sure the problem-- lack of product or lack of personnel???

Review №57

We shopped early while vacationing in Hood River, Oregon. The staff was very helpful. Store & Parking Lot were clean. Very good experience.

Review №58

I use the walmart app for pickup. Fast and convenient. The associates are very helpful and fast

Review №59

Why. Why do they have to change everything around in the store? Its not like they have extra people around to answer questions!Eventually found what I needed.

Review №60

Pick people up. Good service shop at walmartall the time Reba tudor

Review №61

Philip, came out to grocery pickup, to teach me how to order. What a blessing to have these intelligent young men working in these various places😌 thanks for hiring this wonderful asset to your company.

Review №62

The store itself is clean, however: right now theyre apparently moving things around in it so its hard to find things. I asked three employees where I could find something and none of them knew nor were they willing to even walk me anywhere to see if they could figure it out. Not very impressed with the quality of employees at this store.

Review №63

Had most of what we needed but not some important items.

Review №64

Great place,but the inventory needs to be done more often.

Review №65

The store is going down hill fast. Out of lots of stuff. Empty shelves. Apparently no one waters the flowers in the garden area. Lots of dying plants. Watched a couple pretend they were paying at the self check out and walked out with out paying and the workers seemed not to care.

Review №66

I always like to go at the end of the evening so its not so busy

Review №67

The aisles are super confusing without the app but its walmart so they had just about everything we needed.

Review №68

Need to have greater efficiency in renewing orders of merchandise lost due to Covid

Review №69

They were super fast and nice. Explained items that were missing. This is my favorite way to shop. ❤️

Review №70

Best pharmacy ever! Even after moving, I would rather drive to them then go somewhere closer because they are excellent, all around!

Review №71

Lot more organized than others

Review №72

Never any customer service and they cant seem to price anything do the tag on the item matches what their display sign says. Then to top it off they want to charge the higher price.

Review №73

Its a Walmart, nothing special. Would be nice to get some consistent (good) customer service, but it is always hit or miss there just like every other Walmart I have ever been in.

Review №74

Theres not that much wrong about it other than the amount of people who dont wear masks or wear them under their nose/chin- the store itself is pretty good and i like the paint they are putting on the outside

Review №75

They have reasonable prices. One of their meats cost less per pound than at a larger grocery store.

Review №76

Yolanda helped an older woman.Beyond the call of duty. She was gentle, & kind & patient. Thank you for being there!

Review №77

They seem to be out of almost everything when you need it most... Went to find a photo album and apparently they are only selling one kind and thats it... 🤔🧐🤨But its WalMart... THEYRE SUPPOSED TO HAVE EVERYTHING lol

Review №78

Typical Walmart. I swear they close the bathrooms right when you need them most. Not really a lot to say it is what it is. Walmart that is. Pretty same all around.

Review №79

Typical walmart. Rude young guy at self checkout. More interested in his phone than doing his job. They were out of almost everything I went in to get.

Review №80

Have a whole lot of nothing. No Easter dresses for the older girl section. No tennis shoes in their size. Fitting room is STILL closed. Pendleton has theirs open. They chose to remodel during a pandemic which makes me angry that they have the money to do so, when other business are shutting down.

Review №81

Crazy that the new self check doesnt seem to let you use cash🤔 (which is 90% of the way to check out in there now) Maybe it was just me, at that particular time. 🤷‍♂️

Review №82

I love shopping at Walmart

Review №83

I was in the area visiting family. I had a covid vaccination appointment canceled back home due to the issues with the J&J brand. I happened to be in the store for something else and over the intercom heard they were giving covid Moderna vaccination at the pharmacy with no appointment needed. I went over to the pharmacy and after a few questions and going over some information with me I was able to get the 1st of 2 shots right then and there. They were all getting ready to go for lunch but they stayed close so they could keep an eye on me. When I told the pharmacist I felt a little flushed, shakey and light headed he offered to get me some water, an ice pack and a candy bar, even though he was on his lunch break. Those things all passed within minutes and I finished my shopping.

Review №84

Well its the only store besides Safeway n grocery outlet its changed alot for the better but there is alot of items not available so I have to go to there competitive store

Review №85

I travel the country for work. This is by far the worse WalMart I have been to. The manager should be ashamed.

Review №86

You can find just about anything you need on the road. We for one have been lucky to have been treated really well by the employees we encountered. Equally lucky to run into the vibrant personalities and humanity that classically populate these isles.

Review №87

I won’t say anything because I’m about to work here.

Review №88

I love walmart, they always have what I need. Good place to shop

Review №89

Pretty good Walmart as far as Walmarts are

Review №90

Great! Groceries were put into my car on time.

Review №91

Very friendly staff and customers. Always busy. One of the better Walmarts .

Review №92

Moved all the products in the grocery area. Couldnt find what I needed. Went to another store

Review №93

Always nice employees at the Germiston Walmart. The Pharmacy technicians are so polite when the line is across the aisle and the Smart Phone reps have answered and helped me figure out several phone issues with enthusiasm.

Review №94

New bathrooms covered in the droppings of the hermiston class of ppl, could not use any urinals without buying new shoes after

Review №95

On the ball help with everything I asked with a smile.

Review №96

A great place to save a ton of money stores very clean people are very courteous overall great experience sanitary supplies for covid 19 all on hand:-)

Review №97

What can I say about Walmart they have everything decent price I just wish more of their product was made in America.. .

Review №98

So very CLEAN. Awesome customer service.

Review №99

One of the nicer Walmart stores I have been to. I come from a city with 4 different Walmart stores to choose from and I would rather shop at this store. I didnt think Walmart employees were allowed to be nice and helpful!

Review №100

Its Wal-Mart. 🤷‍♂️ They never have enough people running registers, they want you to bag your own groceries and do all the work yourself to save a buck.

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Repair services:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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