Vintage Stock
745 E Joyce Blvd #120, Fayetteville, AR 72703, United States
Vintage Stock
Review №1

Love this place. They have an amazing variety of new and used movies, games, comics, cards, consoles and so much more. Their new game rental program is oh so nice as I love trying new games without having to spend $60 for a new title every few weeks. Staff is very helpful and knowledgeable.

Review №2

Love this store! If youre looking to get your need on, has lots of different types of memorabilia and fun things. Cant go in too often because I spend too much money! Nice shop. Nice and helpful employees. Clean and organized.

Review №3

Wow such a nice and fun store. The staff were very knowledgeable about all of their products. It was fun to see all of the games and the game systems that I used to play when I was younger. The store brought back a lot of memories. Their prices are fair and their return policy is awesome I would recommend this store to anyone thats into gaming or just collecting old records and DVDs. Not only do they have old collectible items they have lots of new stuff too.

Review №4

Bought two promo deal for grab bag DVDs (Buy One Get One total of 80 DVDs in 4 bags) I figured I would get a few decent ones. Most discs were covered in scratches and also received Bonus Material discs and no movie and also received TV season discs from the middle of a Season so pretty worthless. No value pretty much all junk and 30 bucks out the window. Poor business practice to dump complete trash on the customer. This was a little while ago but wanted to warn others to avoid this terrible promotion. Staff is usually friendly though so I appreciate their assistance.

Review №5

My partner and I were going to buy a couple PS4 games, but we had to just leave because I (fully vaccinated) did not have a mask, and the store asked me to wear one. Its a great place, but the CDC has removed restrictions for fully vaccinated individuals. I respect their concern. Its just frustrating. We are getting vaccinated so we dont have to do these things anymore...

Review №6

Girls in here are flat out rude. They didn’t greet me or didn’t want to help me. When I asked a simple question the thin short girl just freaked out and yelled.

Review №7

Lots of movies and anime. All their posters are reasonably priced.

Review №8

They had just the right games my daughter wanted.

Review №9

Vintage is adamant about everything you bring into the store be wiped clean with disinfectant. Even the box you brought your items in to be very clean. No one is exempt. To see how they were I on purposely did a halfway clean on a box of movies and CDs. In my opinion these people need to be an example to other businesses. Vintage Stock deserves a whole lot more than 5 stars.

Review №10

The employees here take their time explaining things to me and helping me find items when Im gift shopping or picking things up for others (as Im not a gamer myself). I also like the wide variety of products other than games, like music, decorations, clothing, etc.

Review №11

Vintage Stock and Movie Trading Company are my absolute favorite stores to visit!!

Review №12

Sorry to bother the girl that checked me out. Didn’t mean to interrupt you!

Review №13

I Love going to Vintage Stock! I get coupons for Used stuff monthly. Always something super cool. People are friendly. Walking distance from other stores I enjoy. Its always my 1st stop on a day out and about. Grate place. Live Long & Prosper!!

Review №14

Very nice store. Lots of cool items. Vinyl records, DVDs, CDs, video games, comics, and collectables.

Review №15

Great place for Coleman cards and comics among other goodies

Review №16

Decent enough supply of games, movies and music but limited collector pieces and their card purchase % is laughable. 20% and they didnt even use TCG for the market value.

Review №17

I’m only curious on to why new year day is not considered a holiday I took my son up there to spend his Christmas money on your guys annual buy 2 get one free but we were rudely informed. But otherwise the store was fine workers were pleasant but too busy to help us because they were chatting behind the counter

Review №18

Was able to find a replacement power adapter for my SNES and its works great!

Review №19

This is much larger than the Vintage Stock in my area!I love the fact that they have a foreign cinema section.The staff was helpful and knowledgeable.

Review №20

👌🏼 I love vintage stock. They have great deals on everything. The staff is nice and helpful.

Review №21

Great place for video games, movies, posters, collectibles, Funko pops, comics, records, and just about anything you could want! Check it out for sure!

Review №22

Found old CDs that i couldnt pass even if i dont own a CD player.

Review №23

Feel the staff could be a little more friendly sometimes, but lots of goods to choose from!

Review №24

Always have what Im looking for.

Review №25

Ive got excellent customer service at vintage stock!!

Review №26

Brandon, employee with Vintage Stock Fayetteville, was AWESOME!!! Customer service is a dying art the days, but he was so helpful with our request to find TMNT items and for my son and daughter that I had to write a review regarding his EXTRAORDINARY attitude and customer service!! He even made further recommendations as we shopped and never pressured us to purchase anything, but we ended up buying some TMNT dvds that we couldnt find elsewhere! Highly recommend this location and Brandon! Thanks Brandon!

Review №27

I have been coming to vintage stock for a long time and love it but some of there new rules for trading is annoying.

Review №28

For the very first time in years they did not have what i was looking for. But the staff told me where to find it at. Love this place

Review №29

You can definitely find what youre looking for as far as movies go.

Review №30

Service isnt too great, but they have a lot of nice nerdy stuff in that place lol

Review №31

What gamer dont like going to look around Vintage Stock you have to shop for there good deals

Review №32

Awesome place to find cool comic books, movies, old/new games, and great presents for the inner geek in you or somone else.

Review №33

Great to see a place keeping this sort of inventory. Fewer and fewer places do what they do.

Review №34

Full of Awesome Movies, Music, Games, Figures, Pops & More 👍

Review №35

Ive always had good experiences here but today I did have a bad one. I just mentioned that since they made their policy of wiping down trade ins (which I totally get) that maybe they could provide wipes and also post a note on the door. If they would have just calmly told me why they dont do that I wouldnt have thought twice. But one of the girls for VERY defensive about it and spoke rudely to me. The other two staff members were totally fine but that one employee really made my experience unpleasant.

Review №36

Love there selection. And random albums.

Review №37

Bought an Xbox controller charging cord from them that didnt work. Took it back in the next week and was told they couldnt do anything. Waste of time waste of money

Review №38

A beautiful nerd paradise. You can find all kinds of neat things here from movies and music to collectables and video games ranging form just released to almost historical 😜.

Review №39

Great staff, plenty of room to look around.

Review №40

This store has taken it upon themselves to scalp PS5s selling them for 750 and requiring you to also buy 2 games and a controller essentially making a $500 console over 1 grand. Shameful garbage business practices.

Review №41

Love the staff. If they dont have what youre looking for, theyll see if another store can have it shipped to them. Piles of trade-ins on the counter tell me theyre doing a brisk business but could maybe use a few more hands around.

Review №42

The staff is always great and funny while theres also a huge selection of tons of merchandise. I really like our local vintage stock!

Review №43

Great variety. Super offer on used TPBs.

Review №44

Found the movie I was looking for!

Review №45

The people are super friendly, they do anything and everything to help you and make sure you get what you want by the time you leave their store. I go there for all my gaming needs and movie wants. All around they deserve five stars.

Review №46

I fiund stuff there that brings me back to my childhood and I get to share it with my kids

Review №47

Dont sell ur gift cards here youll only be offered 2/5th of the card value. Plus the mark up on used games is rediculous. I wont be doing any business here in the future. Wish I could give them a 1/4 star or flat 0 instead of a whole star.

Review №48

Theres a bit of dust around the store BUT theres also some pretty cool stuff in there from time to time. The staff is cheerful and polite, too.

Review №49

Love the place. I hope you guys have sell movies and video games!!

Review №50

Great selections

Review №51

Great selection, friendly staff, very helpful. Had no problem returning a movie that had the wrong movie inside the case when we unwrapped it. Also had no problem exchanging one that skipped for another one. Wish they gave better credit when buying movies back though.

Review №52

Neat stuff you dont find everywhere

Review №53

Walked in minutes before close looking for 1 specific movie. I was promptly greeted and CS rep knew exactly where my movie was, I was in and out in 4 min. I enjoy this store!

Review №54

Great place.

Review №55

Grate staff and good games

Review №56

Pokémon cards!!

Review №57

Great store for used video games, movies, and other geeky items. Their movie selection is massive, and they do have a lot of video games to choose from! I would recommend visiting with something specific in mind though, or give in to getting lost in their collections until you find something you want. I could spend awhile looking through everything.

Review №58

Great place to find the odd gift.

Review №59

Great selection for all your nerdy needs

Review №60

Remember the final days of Hastings closing down all their stores and nobody would help you and you only got condescending answers from employees who couldnt care less? Yeah, it gave me that comfortable feel again.

Review №61

Love the atmosphere. The people are great! Knowledgeable in many realms from video games to movies to music to card games. Large selection they to browse. If you make it in chances are youll find something that will peak your interest.

Review №62

Store was well stocked and organized. Was able to make purchases with ease and provided help and assistance with selection without being asked. Large selection of pop figures and various other collectibles including pvc, toys, snacks, and comics. Public restroom available upon request. Will shop again.

Review №63

It’s tight they got a lot of vintage and new games in amazing condition, they even carry a hell of a lot of CDs and Vinyls which is really cool. Oh, and also for you nerds and geeks they carry a hell of a lot of cool ‘limited time’/‘special edition’/‘Pre-Order’ Collector’s items.

Review №64

Interesting selection. Can be a bit pricey, especially on used game systems. Great vintage feel, a lot more like an old school game store.

Review №65

Wonderful place for music, games, or general tat. Would suggest it to people for games from 10 years ago for sure. The staff is wonderful, helpful, and devote time for questions; they really help you feel at home. The selection of games varies from Atari 2600 all the way up to current gen consoles. None of the typical retail biggamestore vibe (or pressure) here. Whenever Im in the area, this is my home for used media.

Review №66

Fun place to look around.

Review №67

Its quite an entertaining environment but when it comes to selling your old movies and music theyre no different than Gamestop. I recommend purchasing from but not selling to.

Review №68

If you like movies and stuff like that then youll probably find something cool. Theres a few interesting things here. Small selection of geeky things.

Review №69

Awesome place lots of cool collection.

Review №70

It is a little pricey. They pay a lot of attention to the media so their prices Spike and drop depending on what is more popular at the time.

Review №71

While the store looks nice, the staff is inattentive and a bit rude. You have to flag one of them down for anyone to even realize youre there. Any other store Ive been to would have at least one person greet you when you come in. The staff here just stand in the back and talk. Even when I was standing at the counter it took them some time to come over and ask if I needed anything. I have no plans to visit this or any other of these stores again.

Review №72

Extremely Great! Staff is friendly and fast. Outstanding Selection of records, CDs, collectables, and GAMES!!!

Review №73

I walk in to sell some items and this lazy woman walks up tells me it’s not worth anything. Without checking. I asked her to check anyways she huffed rolled her eyes gave an attitude and took my items. She was rude and lazy. If she doesn’t want to do her job she shouldn’t be there. Her name is Breanna. LAZY!!

Review №74

Ok I am very shy so I was scared to ask if the had gameboy games or gameboy advance games?

Review №75

Everything you expect of a vintage. I do like the layout of this one more then the one up in bentonville, and the strip mall that its in offers you a selection of snack services on the way in or out.

Review №76

Great place for a nostalgia trip! Love coming here.

Review №77

This place is a great shop that has a little bit of everything for the gamer and geek. From casual player to serious collector, you can usually find something good here.

Review №78

Ok so you can TOTALLY nerd out in this store. It has everything from merchandise, to video games, to consoles, to katanas, you name it. Movies, comics, posters, gently used items, they have the majority of it. They buy used items which is a plus. Its a recommend from me.

Review №79

I love it i love going here i can find any movie ive been searching for. The people there are very nice and helpful every time we go!

Review №80

First time in for me. Q tually, first time in any retail business like Vintage.Staff is very helpful and offers suggestions in a manner that is polite.Large inventory. Nice place, excellent staff.

Review №81

Good prices and deals. Good place to find rare movies.

Review №82

They have music, movies, video games, cards, comic books, etc. Cool little place.

Review №83

Always great huge selection and super helpful and friendly staff has about everything a nerd like myself could want!

Review №84

Great selection to choose from. Absolutely love look of the shopping center its in.

Review №85

Pretty cool, they have some unique things in stock. We bought a toy from stranger things from them.

Review №86

It has a good selection, and the USED trading cards are great bargains.However, NEW things are TERRIBLY over-priced, up to five times the prices that Ive seen.Another problem I have is the offers. I saw a review about a guy who said he had an insult of an offer for some figures, and I experienced an offer twice as bad. they said they would give me $1.30 for some foil cards, including The Winged Dragon of Ra, which is one of the most valuable cards out there.I would recommend only buying used cards from them, but any other business can be found much better elsewhere.(The clerks were in fact very nice, so its a tough call to make.)

Review №87

Its a typical shop for nerds of all kinds. Whether its comics, consol games, action figures, hard to find dvds, or vinyl records, theyve got it. The only reason why I didnt give it a 5 is because they dont carry the card/board game Munchkin. I truly believe that makes the store exceed in nerd power. Other than that the prices are great, they carry other card games and new and used items.

Review №88

This store is awesome! They have records, DVDs, blu-rays, CDs, video games. It is very organized and the staff are very friendly and helpful. The prices are decent some movies were over priced but it is a great store. It is located right on Joyce Blvd, parking is difficult as it is in a big shopping center.

Review №89

Overwhelming selection can be hard to navigate but the staff is generally helpful. Prices are good.

Review №90

Service wasnt the friendliest this time around but they got the job done (selling DVDs and game CDs). Its a great place to visit for their selection and $$$ and theyll offer to order anything that you cant find.

Review №91

Love the Easter Holiday savings on dvds. Its the best time to familiarize yourself with your favorite triologies. The classic action figure collection is always worth a view. Perhaps a few of your own childhood memories deserve to sit on a shelf at home as some of mine have.

Review №92

They were very nice and helpful. I am definitely going back there soon.

Review №93

Great selection and friendly staff. Theyve got all kinds of cool media: movies, games, records, etc. Location always has adequate parking, too.

Review №94

Love this place. Its your catch all for every thing geeky and nerdy.

Review №95

They actually have games for older systems

Review №96

Great place to find a lot of things from albums to CDs to movies to comics and cards, and video games and accessories. Some things available at other stores are Frequently out of stock, but otherwise great place with great staff

Review №97

Great place, helpful staff great selection. If they do not have always offer to find it for matter how obscure

Review №98

A clean store, reasonable pricing and good customer service. I like vintage stock for finding video games and posters, but everything else is overpriced in my opinion.

Review №99

I come in here all the time with my boyfriend. Looking for something to add to our collection. Theyre great for my poster and stuffed turtle collection, and theyre amazing for his game collection

Review №100

I love Vintage Stock. The employees are friendly and you can usally find what you are looking for. Every time I go there though there is always one employee who just stares at the customers and laughs at them in the back. (I usually only go like once a month though)

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  • Address:745 E Joyce Blvd #120, Fayetteville, AR 72703, United States
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  • Phone:+1 479-582-5550
  • DVD store
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  • Video store
  • Used CD store
  • Comic book store
  • Video game store
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Service options
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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