2nd & Charles
1920 Skibo Rd, Fayetteville, NC 28314, United States
2nd & Charles
Review №1

We got a stack of books that look brand new for $23. SO pleased! Huge store and they had a great selection of childrens books. Highly recommend.

Review №2

I decided to sell about 20 books, all books purchased brand new(gently used). I went through the whole ordeal of being entered into the system. Waited almost 3 hours for the associate to offer $11.00 in store credit and $7.00 cash. I understand not getting full price, but that quote is just insulting. On another note, its a nice place if you are looking for rare and used items. Very large variety of items.

Review №3

This place is so cool. They have everything from books and video to comics and clothes. Absolutely adore the establishment.

Review №4

Best place to get books by far. Dont overpay at a place like Barnes & Noble. Definitely check 2nd & Charles first!

Review №5

Someone stool my valuable comet store..t They took the valuable bthat

Review №6

I mean I love book stores and a good second hand book store like this is a huge plus.

Review №7

Great store, great service. Wish the cds were organized better.

Review №8

Theres always something neat to find here. I enjoy shopping at this location.

Review №9

Alot of great books, posters, records, novelty items, etc. Even for kids they have book bundles as low as $3. You can also donate books to them. I think they could use a spot or two to sit inside, but I know its a store to buy books not read them, lol.

Review №10

Very nice to find old and new things you want.

Review №11

Can never go wrong here. Just walking around is worth it

Review №12

Staff NOT friend or knowledgeable. They just stared at my blankly until i walked away with every question that I asked. Would give no stars if possible

Review №13

Great book selection. Thought I was walking into a new bookstore. This place is big with lots of great quality books.

Review №14

Ive been coming here for years. They dont always take everything I need to sell but have been kind enough and always helpful. Just love popping in here to browse too!

Review №15

. Theyre prices are way higher then what u can find on Amazon or pretty much any online selling option.Ive seen them completely rip people off

Review №16

Nice used book store with a lot of other things. Friendly staff.

Review №17

Love the store! Great to spend time checking their collection. Super organized! Love the Manga section!

Review №18

Friendly, professional and respectful. Went to sell back items, and received market value for the majority of items. Other items were unacceptable, so donated them to their free bin. Items they were selling despite being second hand, were of reasonable condition. I was impressed having this been my first visit to a 2nd & Charles.

Review №19

People are friendly and helpful. A lot of great stuff: books, comic, albums, games, puzzles, themed swag, etc... Certainly something for everyone. An Enhanced Bookstore. Its a hit and miss on their card readers though. I think its time for replacements. We spent a bunch of time at checkout.

Review №20

Cool place. Lots of even musical instruments. Wouldve been a 5 star rating but their vinyl prices are a little above the average.

Review №21

I went this Book store 2 days ago with my family and found that the Books here cost more than you can get from Amazon. I even showed the price to the cashier.. So guys pls check the price in internet before you pay more prices at this book store. If the store is only selling used books then the price should be cheaper than current market. I will never ever go to this store again. BE CAREFUL WHILE BUYING BOOKS HERE..

Review №22

Amazing selection of almost everything you can think of. From Tarot cards and crystals, to comics and board games. An obviously you cant forget the books.

Review №23

Love this place. They have EVERYTHING. Good collection of manga and fun collectibles.

Review №24

Vintage and new items are available here! Great price for either category. Vinyl, video, and cartridge games along with books make this a wonderful place to spend time and find what you want.

Review №25

My kids love coming here! They have a huge selection of anime! They have so much to choose from

Review №26

Alot to select from. Website needs a search bar that would help at each store. I hate holding up others trying to see if they have a book in stock. A dedicated search kiosk would be a great idea for these stores as well. A lot of games and books to select from

Review №27

If youre interested in LEGO. DO not shop here. Employees will not assist and were disrespectful talking about said customer while they were in the checkout line.

Review №28

Fantastic store with great finds! Its a mixture of Vintage Stock and Books-A-Million in Missouri.

Review №29

Only store that has my favorite science fiction writer on stock. Staff is a bit snotty for my taste.

Review №30

This place it shakeout fantastic!!

Review №31

There is a lot of neat stuff in the store. My biggest complaint though is the lack of a price on a lot of items. I have passed on many items because of this. Who wants to wait in the usually long line just to find out an item is over priced.

Review №32

Love 2nd and Charles. They have so much stuff from anime books and figurines to a ton of books at really affordable prices. Mainly older books not many new releases. They also have a wide variety of used games for Nintendo or playstation or xbox. But they also have a variety of board games too. Oh and dont forget older DVDs and even some stuffed animals and tshirts. Love this place.

Review №33

Havent been here before but they have a wonderful selection and we were helped by a knowledgeable staff member. It was overall a really enjoyable experience and Ill be coming here for more waffles and bacon!

Review №34

Looking for books or something out of the ordinary... this is the place to come. Great employees always a smile and if you cant find something, ask and if they have it they will show you where it is.

Review №35

I dont know anything about what makes a book store objectively good, Im giving four stars because there are a lot of books and things in this place. The fifth star is not being awarded because being in here 10/10 times makes me feel sad and lonely. Its like sitting in an uncomfortable chair, weird vibes. 2nd and Charles has a dark secret, I can feel it in my bones.

Review №36

They had the book my wife wanted. Very helpful!! If they can keep mama happy!!!!!!

Review №37

Always finding books for my children (they are grown but still love to read) love the savings we find on the deals!

Review №38

Love the store but the cashier Alivia made the experience awkward and complicated. She asked for my information which I assumed would just be used for my store account, but then proceeded to sign me up for a magazine subscription that would charge me every month without even telling me that it would start charging me. I asked if it would start charging me every month and only then did she tell me that it would. I then asked if she could go back and cancel it and she said no and just gave me a toll free phone number to do it myself. It was very frustrating to have to be on the phone for the next ten minutes trying to cancel a magazine subscription I never even wanted. On top of that, when I asked her to open a case to look at something, she just said no and paused for a long time, then laughed and said just kidding. Not a great attempt at humor.

Review №39

I always like coming to this bookstore. They have a great selection and are willing to track books down if you need them and theyre not on the shelf

Review №40

Good used hook store. Was able to find some rare comic books therr.

Review №41

Great place! kids love the lego box and employees are helpful. good variety of books, mangas, comics, DVDs etc. itd be nice if the video game section was a bit bigger but thats not a problem. like i said employees are extremely helpful, there have been times where Ive looked up and down of every isle and still not found the book i was looking for, so i asked for help and they looked up to see if they had it and if they do they will show you exactly where it is 😃

Review №42

My experience was okay. When deciding to sell a book you have to go through a long and tedious process. Which includes proving a drivers license, height/weight, race/ethnicity, current photo of you, address and etc. It was just a lot just to get 1 dollar in store credit lol.

Review №43

Had a Lot of books I wanted..good prices..good customer service..clean..

Review №44

Best bookstore on the planet! They had exactly what I needed and at an amazing price! Awesome!! And the $1 book sale--found a few phenomenal items.

Review №45

Loved the great selection of records, and they had a good number of old game systems too. If you consider yourself an old soul you will love this store. I was also surprised to see all the comic books, board games, and books they had on their shelves. This was my first time visiting 2nd & Charles, however, my wife and I will definitely be back, and shopping here for next Christmas!

Review №46

Wish there were more stores like this on in Fayetteville. A lot of fun stuff to buy or just look at it in this store. Comics, retro gaming, music, books, and more.

Review №47

Great place to go they have lots if retro items, a table full of legos and a very friendly staff. Highly recommended.

Review №48

This place was great friendly staff who were willing to help find what we were looking for. Had a great selection of hard to find FUNKOs!!

Review №49

Amazing store lots of stuff to look at for great prices and a lot of selections for comic books and graphic novels lovers

Review №50

Great book and DVD store and alot more

Review №51

This was my first time at 2nd & Charles. The store is very spacious. They have a lot of inventory. The have both new and used books. And they buy books as well, offering cash or store credit. There is a free bin as well. The clearance shelf for used books almost takes up the whole back wall. The books are decently organized. But even if you cant find what you are looking for the staff are very helpful and will go above and beyond to try and find it. They also sell video games, music and instruments. Its worth a visit.

Review №52

Excellent experience, nice clean store and very helpful staff.

Review №53

Wide variety of books, toys, records, CDs, movies, and t-shirts. They have beautiful fairy statues. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Review №54

Always check the free box ! Great place to shop !

Review №55

There used to be many used book stores in Fayetteville NC. Now theres Second and Charles. Its the last bastion of used print in town.

Review №56

Found everything I was looking for + more. Enjoyed shopping here.

Review №57

Basically Q made us love this spot on our first visit and now we are addicted to the smell of rich mahogany and fine leather bound books. And vinyl. And all of the old video games and funny t-shirts too and good candy selection. My boyfriend like a to surprise me with old movies from here too. These photos arent great but i was half starved when I was there so deal. The last one is just a funny sticker I saw in their parking lot and I figured if youre looking to me for advice on buying books, youre the kind of person who might love unintentional humor.

Review №58

Lots of great finds! Could spend hours here

Review №59

If they dont have it you dont need it I went there looking a book to help me figure out what Jesus was trying to tell me didNT need just had to open my bible up I got all I need to no your friend Larry G

Review №60

The place was nice and clean.

Review №61

Great customer service and selection is crazy good!! Prices are reasonable also. If youre looking for anything out of the box, go here first!!

Review №62

Great customer service.

Review №63

This got something for everybody, not to expensive ok except if you look vintage itam it is different, and look the soda next the register wow 😣my son when wild try all kind .😊

Review №64

Books Books and more Books. Anime and gaming!

Review №65

⚠Spoiler⚠: Trade-ins WILL leave you feeling ripped off, but this is how its always been in bookselling. Its not a 2nd &Charles problem.Great selection, friendly and helpful staff and a TON (maybe even two tons) of stuff you wouldnt find in the typical chain bookstore.8/10I would certainly recommend it. I especially like their selection of vinyl and CDs. It looks kinda stumpy but I can guarantee theres some real finds here!🤘They have a slight video game section but the table top and board game selection more than compensates. Which is EXCELLENT. If youre a fan of D&D, Chaoseum, Magic® the gathering(🤓) and the like; then this is a destination for you!Yes, they do have FREE 📚 (sometimes)

Review №66

First time visiting off a reccommendation. Was out looking for a used chess book for my son whos shown some interest. Was amazed at the selection of used books and how cheap they sell for now. The selection of musical instruments, DVDs, and other knick knacks was pretty impressive as well. Only dissapointment was just how many employees (atleast 5+) up front sorting used books and waiting for someone to come to a register. I myself having never been there before offered to help 2 gentleman find something specific they had been looking for. Having someone with some experience walking around would definitely be more helpful and beneficial!

Review №67

My Daughter loves it here. I think well end up having our own library. 😁 And we got a lot of fun family games from them.

Review №68

Great prices. Neat gift items.

Review №69

Great place to find back issue comics & used books.

Review №70

Very good store to find manga and other types of books and cosmetics

Review №71

It was alot more spacious than I expected. I took my 13yr old with me, whom is an avid reader, and she instantly fell in love. I have a feeling we could have spent hours in there! And Im certain we will be back. She reads so quickly, so it makes sense for us to not buy brand new books and pay full price. Also, the text club for coupons was nice and quick, we finished registration at the cashier while checking out and used the 10% off right then!

Review №72

The staff was super friendly and efficient. The store had some really fun swag, very stocked just in time for the upcoming holiday season. Prices were not terrible. Would definitely recommend this store for all of us nerds, and even those who arent.

Review №73

Movies, Books, Video games, Toys, cool staff, this place is fookin sweeeet!

Review №74

Great selection of stuff. The whole family had fun browsing helpful and polite staff.

Review №75

Helpful, always stocked with new stuff,and one of the biggest selections of paper books in town.

Review №76

The Best place in Fayetteville for albums new or vintage..Music...comic books all ages and Interests..has the greatest little gifts and novelties..our favorite little getaway wether you are looking for a corner with Stephen action packed night with A marvel movie..a family game night with a New or collectors board accoustic guitar to play around the campfire....or just a quiet evening with some easy jazz and a turntable ..This Is The Store For You!! the Best.

Review №77

Cute book store, its nice having another store like this in town vs Barnes and noble

Review №78

Staff was friendly, however, the store itself is a mess - on multiple levels. The amount they give the customer for trade-in books is unfair / dishonest. I understand profit margins, but they will literally offer you a few cents for the same used book theyre selling for $15-$20 on the shelf. On my last visit, I traded in roughly 60 books, most of them new or like new, with cover values of $15-$40, and I got $20 store credit...They COULD step it up, but theyre clearly not in it to treat the customer with any respect. I have traded at many used book shops, this one was by far the biggest rip-off. If you want to GIVE your books away, there are charities in the area who sell donated books to benefit the homeless - thats by far a better option in my book (pun unintended). The Coalition in Southern Pines is one example.Additionally, the whole store is in disarray, its unpleasant to browse through it. I was going to buy my sister a brand new book for Christmas, but the dust jacket was ripped to pieces and they didnt have another (really strange for a NEW book to be so banged up, but thats how books are treated here).2nd and Charles wants to give folks nothing for their books, so they can charge the next person retail to buy them...just keep that in mind if youre going there.

Review №79

Very cool alternative style store

Review №80

I am a bibliophile so this store speaks to me. I love old books and the staff was nice and friendly.

Review №81

Nice place to find collectibles. Friendly helpful staff..

Review №82

Pretty great store, I could get lost for days.I live the selection of pops and comic books, but their comics are overpriced : go to a local shop instead.Cd collection is very disorganized.Buy Pops here!For every incompetent employee there is an incredible one.I’ll keep coming back.

Review №83

Waiting to see what I get for what I am selling. Great selection of stuff, better than Half Price Books.

Review №84

Love this place! Always find something I want, love their selection of books, puzzles and games

Review №85

Always find good books

Review №86

Second and charles is an interest place to go. They have a boat load of games, new books, old books, old records and more. It is like jumping back into the past. I dont usually give rave reviews to most places because most places are not that interesting at 66 years old it takes a lot to impress me. Go you will like what you see.

Review №87

First time, great selection of everything 😄

Review №88

This store is awesome, if youre a nerd like me youll love this store. Theres so many old games for great prices!

Review №89

It was ok. If you are looking for a vinyl or cd, maybe a book you might be able to find it here.

Review №90

Good store with mostly good employees that ive seen. I try to go there every time im in the area

Review №91

I love this store. They have a little bit of every kind of hobby I am in to when it comes to books. A lot of the books are at discounted price for good quality used books.

Review №92

Really nice store and has lots of cool things to look at! Be aware that they dont use any plastic bags to put your stuff in so make sure you have some sort of bag to carry your items or Im sure you can ask them for a tote there.

Review №93

This place is incredible! The used books are in perfect condition and very reasonably priced. There are so many books, movies, music,etc.My only issue is that with such a huge store there should be someone on the floor helping customers find books etc.Otherwise,I was really pleased with the service the tellers provided.

Review №94

Wonderful place filled with such good books!!

Review №95

Great selection of everything, and something is always on sale!

Review №96

Really cool place.

Review №97

Decent book store. Not the best selections but not bad for a used book store. Its layout is strange Good prices

Review №98

Has TONS of books. Great selection of used and new books, but Id appreciate more Robert Jordan!

Review №99

I enjoy browsing through all the books and other items they have. New stuff comes in all the time so you never know what you might find

Review №100

Great places. Great Books. Great prices.

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