The wind in your hair, the freedom of the open road, the sun on your shoulders.  And all for under 25 Euros a day.

Experience Greece like you never thought possible by renting an ATV. These little four-wheeled wonders will take you to all of the hidden nooks and cranny’s that the Greek Islands have to offer.

On these small islands, where vehicles are limited and usually not needed, rent an ATV and give yourself the speed and convenience of seeing the whole island in a day.

Most rental companies offer everything from an 80 CC ATV to a 800 CC buggy style, beach ripping monster.

BT Recommends:

Visit the island of Paros, a small island littered with old marble quarries, a winery or two, and an amazing view of the whole island from on top of the mountains (most easily accessible to ATV). You can rent an ATV from several different rental shops in town.  Our recommendation is Paros Rental Car

Paros is famous for its white marble, most occasionally used in statues in ancient times.  The name of this city actually gave birth to the word “Parian,” which denotes marble of similar quality from other parts of the world.