Whips, Chains, St. Nick’s Day, and Krampusnacht

Written by Payton Lee in W. Europe

"He knows if you've been bad or good 

So be good for goodness sake Goodness sake"


Santa is coming to town, but that’s not who you should be afraid of. It’s Santa’s dark counterpart, Krampus who does the punishing. He checks Santa’s list for bad little boys and girls who don’t deserve their Christmas presents. st nick

Krampus is not just a name; it has become a holiday tradition on the eve of St. Nick’s Day. St. Nick’s Day is very popular in northern Europe. Children put their shoes out before they go to bed in hopes that when they wake on Dec. 6th they will find candies or goodies in them. However, if they are bad, it will be a lump of coal they find. The Krampus event thus takes place the night of Dec. 5th. Masked devils, and wild beasts chase the bad little children and whip them with chains and switches. The traditional story follows through with these children being taken to a fiery place and locked away.


Today the event has turned into a party where people dress up and get chased around by Krampus and other devilish figures tempting and taunting to get whipped by them. The story is told that Santa had to create Krampus because coal was no longer a strong enough threat to bad children. What will Krampus have to come up with to scare these new-age devilish children?

 "He's makin' a list, checkin' it twice

He's gonna find out who's naughty and nice

Santa Clause is Coming to Town!" and so is Krampus!







  1. Love it! I never really knew too much about Krampus.

    Maybe new-age devilish children get their wifi cut off… Just a thought.

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