How to make money while traveling

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When you are traveling for an extended period of time money can get tight. Even when utilizing money saving techniques and good before trip budgeting your money can disappear faster than expected. So how can your travels make money for you?

In the age of the internet you are competing with a highly saturated market, unfortunately. It seems a lot of people want to travel and make money from it! Having your cake and eating it too can be difficult so here is a list of ways to make your travel work for you:

  1. Blog: Start a blog. It's free and easy. I recommend using wordpress. Keeping a travel log is a useful way to organize your experiences and record your memories so they don't get forgotten later on. If you don't mind sharing with others then start a blog. If you get enough readers you can monetize your stories.
  2. Sell Photographs: You can set up your own website and sell your photos, or use sites like istockphoto and getty images.
  3. Work Exchange: Do some manual labor, or housekeeping work in exchange for a free place to stay. This works especially well during non-peak season when rooms are plentiful.
  4. Write Travel Articles: Kick your blogging up a notch and become a travel writer. Be forewarned, because there are many people out there doing this it is a tough market to break in to. But, also know, that most of the writers out there are crap. Learn how to query magazines and websites, write and edit professionally, and stick with it. The cream always rises to the top.
  5.  Get Artsy: With sites like Etsy you can create crafts and sell them. Or, if you are feeling entrepreneurial buy handmade crafts from the places you travel and resell them on Etsy or Ebay.
  6. Create an online business:  Start a business without a physical location
  7. Tutor: Teach your native language to a foreigner
  8. Travel Agent: You don't need an official cert to plan trips for your friends, fellow students, family, and neighbors.
  9. Short Video Production: Once again, with the advent of technology it's easier than ever to set up a youtube or vimeo account and make your own travel videos. Get enough views and you'll get royalty checks for your works.
  10. Translator: Can you speak a foreign language? Freelance as a translator.
  11. Work for the US Government: The government has civilian jobs all over the world. Get one.
  12. Child Care: Babysit, become a nanny, or an au pair
  13. House sit: Step one, befriend someone very rich. Step two, watch their house when they go on vacation to their second home.
  14. Teach Online: Are you an expert in some field? Hop on to Udemy and teach your own online course.
  15. Write Ebooks: With ebook popularity on the rise many great writers can earn a bit of extra cash on the side by writing.
  16. Do a WWOOF
  17. Find something on

Do you have other suggestions? What have you done when traveling to make a bit of cash on the side?


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