The Season for Blooming

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Kingdom- Plantae
Class- Lilliopsida
Genus- Tulipa
Common Name- TULIP

The Tulip flower is a sign of spring. Once the snow melts away and the ground temperatures rise, these flowers are some of the first things we see. New life, new season, new beginning. The Tulip flower is a unique bulb that pops its head up after a long hibernation. It's brilliant green leaves seem to protect the delicate stem and head of this simple flower. But once that head opens up to reveal a brightly colored display, we understand why it would be so protected.

Did you Know?

- Each Tulip has 6 petals
- There are over 100 species of Tulips
- The name Tulip is likely a corruption of the Turkish word tulbend meaning turban
- Tulips grow wild all over Asia

The tulip flower has quite a history with the Dutch heritage. Although the flower was first seen in Asian countries, Turkey is where the flower was first cultivated. The Dutch, however, are the ones that made it famous. During the 16th and 17th century the flower was featured in books, paintings, and other forms of art. It became so popular that Tulips were treated like gold and even used as money. The Dutch people loved their flowers so much that they cultivated acres and acres of flower fields. Tulips are the main attraction, but places like Holland have become known as the "flower shop of the world" due to its wide array of beautiful flowers.

With its popularity, Holland has given this flower a world renown show by introducing Tulip Festivals. Starting in early spring tourists can come to the Dutch countryside and walk through over 2,500 acres of colorful flower fields. Keukenhof is known as the largest flower garden in the world and the largest tulip route is in Flevoland. You can walk or bike through these beautiful displays of spring color. I can only imagine the smells and sights of these gardens bring a huge smile to every visitor.

The Dutch people love their Tulip flowers. They loved them so much that when they immigrated to America they brought their bulbs with them. Now Tulip festivals are popping up all over America and Canada. Typically these festivals are held in the spring between April and May, but of course it depends on the climate location. Also, in honor of the flowers heritage, the festivals are accompanied by other treats and traditions of the Dutch.

Other Tulip Festivals

New York

Go get your spring on and smell the tulips!
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