Let the Mustache Speak

Written by Hank Martin in The Backpack

Men call this art. Women call it irritating. Men gloat at their finished masterpieces presenting them with a gentle caress. Women wonder why it takes men so long in front of the mirror. This is not your typical art gallery. This is a moving, constantly changing, ever growing, male dominated field of art.

The cookie catcher. The caterpillar. Snot mop. Nose bug.  Dirt Squirrel. The list goes on and on.  Never, throughout our human history has such a patch of hair garnered so much support and bile inducing skill as the mustache.

For thousands of years the bitterly noble mustache has been a disgustingly beautiful sight. A well maintained patch of lip fur takes years to make, hours to groom, and  a lifetime for others to accept.

In honor of our guest column, The Mustache Speaks, we decided to have a little fun. For us, the submissions we choose are well maintained like the perfect Flavor Saver and endearing in their ability to make us continue to stare, or read, long after it's socially acceptable.  This op-ed section features only the best guest writings that we get.  Like a good mustache, we filter through the crumbs and cling to the cream of the crop, the beautiful chunks of writing and proudly "save them for later consumption."

We've implanted a miniature image of this burly lip sweater somewhere on our website.  Scour our pages, and when you find it click on the picture and enter your contact information on the provided form.  The first person to do so will receive a FREE print copy of BT Quarterly.



Happy lipholstery hunting!



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