Speak Like a Wino

Written by Hank Martin in Culture

WINO, often suggesting a stuck up wine drinker who swirls his fancy glass, sticks his nose down into the bowl and lets out a sensual hmmm whenever he sips.

We agree, those people are a little neurotic and fun to mock. However, we would like to clear a few things up about the term wino. A wino is simply a person who really enjoys wine and is educated about the different types because they have a passion for it. That is why Breaking Trail dedicated a whole issue ("Through the Grapevine") to wine. We want to share our passion for it, and part of that is learning different terminology that is associated with wine. For help we took to the compendium of expert information on everything wine, the treatise of all treatises, the cream of the crop: The World Atlas of Wine. From there we curated the below page. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 9.23.17 AM

These are just a few terms that will get you on your way to impressing your wine drinking friends. Learn more by reading Issue 5.


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