Run with Reindeer

Written by Hank Martin in N. America

Our mission is simple: provide you with opportunities and to learn an important life lesson or two when you travel. After all, who said you can’t have fun and still learn.


Off the cuff I can think of a few experiences in my life that have scared the shit out of me. The most notable experience being running with the bulls in Pamplona Spain. The ground shaking from the bulls thundering down the road, the look of fear on everyone face’s as they first catch sight of the bulls, and then running for dear life.

I image the running of the reindeers that takes places in Anchorage Alaska every year is similar, minus the deaths by horn gorges, trembling pavement beneath your feet and all around general fear for your life. But, it looks like a blast.

Humans get a ten second head start before the 6 reindeer are released and enter the mix. The event features several different heats, or herds that run, and the event is actually a fundraiser for toys for tots. If you’re worried about getting hurt, don’t worry. Since its beginning in 2008 there haven’t been any serious injuries.

I began this by yammering on about the educational side of this, so what’s the lesson? Well, even though no one has been seriously injured, and a reindeer isn’t nearly as powerful or big as a bull, the risk is still there for something going wrong.

But, this is the thrill of any adventure, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and into an adventure zone where you challenge yourself to become a more confident, well-rounded person. Plus, how could running with a pack of reindeer not be fun!?


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