Riding in the Silver Throne

Written by Payton Lee in N. America

Sometimes the best memories come with the highest price. I don't mean dollars; in this case, I mean discomfort. And, this discomfort would become the sickness I bore just to bring you, my readers, entertainment and education. You are welcome, but I will not be doing it again, no matter how much laughter and enjoyment this story may bring you.

Like most great stories there is a character (me), a setting (the silver throne), an exciting event (just wait and see), and most importantly a lesson to be learned.

5:00AM came extremely early after a long two week stretch of working through the holidays. But, came it did, and off we went to "the" Gunnison Power Stop gas station. The infamous pit stop was the beginning of a long bus journey to the big city of Denver.

Loading in the dimly lit glow of the gas pumps, a group of 10 or less people stepped onto a funny looking shuttle bus. The first hour and a half was a blur of headlights and the sun beginning to peak its head through the mountains. The first group of fellow bus riders were deposited at the Salida depot as our first part of the journey was over. What they called a bus depot, I would describe as Grandma's kitchen. The ladies working there welcomed us with smiles and comfort. They made fresh coffee, showed us the waiting room, directed us to the bathrooms, and even made sure we had the correct documents for getting where we needed to go. I almost expected them to give us a hug and departing snacks when we left.

Eventually, the next bus pulled into the "driveway" and the new crowd heading to Denver loaded on with enough seats for singles to have plenty of stretching room.

The bus driver's personality matched his driving style. He was gruff, short-spoken, lacked smooth social skills, and had a painful dislike for his job or possibly the people he worked for. When I plopped down in my seat, I couldn't have thought less about this driver and his less than impressive temperament because I had been up since 5:00 and was exhausted.

How many stretches of straight road do you think are between Salida and Denver? 

Soon the mountains began to flash by, the fences blurred into nothing, and the other cars zipped by like insects. Typically I think of the roads to Denver like a racetrack. I'm trying to beat time and gas mileage, but it's very different when the controllers land in the hands of a bus driver.

My insides started to rumble and tumble with every swerve and curve in the road. The heat was rising and I decided to swagger to the back of the bus for a fresh view on the world. That's when the first sign of panic hit me and gingerly I stepped like a drunk person around the legs of sleeping passengers and lunged myself into the bus bathroom. Entering the silver encased throne room, a fresh cold air hit my face and a moment of relief came to my body. I held on tight to the two handles mounted on the walls as my Mario Andretti bus driver banked into the turns around the mountain pass. I sat down, I stood up, I closed my eyes, I opened my eyes, I stared at the toilet paper, and I stared at my hand. No matter what I did my insides went up, down and all around. Then we came to an abrupt halt.   "Blaaa Bla Blaa Bla Blur Blur Blur Only 15 minutes!"

We were at a rest stop. From what my spinning eyes could tell it was about Fairplay, but I could have been delusional. The instant change from swaying to sill made my stomach feel slightly better. I hurried inside with a rush of anxiety knowing I had 15 minutes to get something to drink and rid my body of this evil.

Tempted as I was to not get back on the bus, I forced my feet to take my place once again and prepare for another few hours of torture. And the torture began immediately upon jerking out of the parking lot. This time I only held my front row seat position for mere minutes. I barely made it inside the silver throne before projectileing the small amount of liquid I had managed to drink at the pit stop. It was at this moment I knew my seat on the bus would be the silver throne for the remainder of the trip. Settling in on the less than cleanly throne, I had three thoughts go through my head:

1. They should offer a discount ticket for this seat!

2. Can time go any slower?

3. How am I ever going to manage flying after twisting my stomach like this for 4 hours?


Time did eventually come to my rescue, and so did my aunt. Always knowing the natural "trick" remedies she sent me a list of things to rid me of my car sickness. I'm sharing these with you so that you can use me as your ginny pig and not have to endure a 4 hour winding bus ride in the silver throne.

*Move to the front of the bus

*Face forward to see the road

*Stare straight forward only

*Pinch your ear lobes hard and keep pressure

*If possible buy ginger ale or club soda

*A close second to ginger ale would be anything with lemon

*Take a shot of lemon juice and swig soda together


Motion sickness is simply a reaction that comes about when your vision and balance are not on the same page. Most of the time it is due to feeling motion but not being able to see it like in a big bus, boat without windows, or the middle of airplanes. There are many suggestions out there that can cure or even prevent this silly body reaction from happening.

*Ginger- ginger root clams the pyloric valve located at the base of the stomach (wikipedia.org)

*Chewing- whether it be gum or snacks chewing brings the balance of your inner ear back to reality

*Drugs- if all else fails prepare yourself with drugs (they usually make you sleepy which will pass the time and make you forget about the ride all together

A Few Other Tricks



It felt like death at the time, and it couldn't have passed quick enough. However, next time I will be prepared, and I won't have to blockade myself in the silver throne. Not everyone gets motion sickness, but if you have any slight notion for it, I suggest arming yourself with knowledge and remedies. I honestly didn't think I would get sickness from riding a bus, but I found out the hard way with a one way ticket on the silver throne.


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