Visit Santa Marta in Spring

Written by Payton Lee in S. America

Think of Santa Marta as an in between place. From here you can most definitely get there. We need those types of places too, or we would never get where we wanted to go. Confused? Think of it like this. Every person has a role in life, a place in the world, just as every city does. The key is finding out what your role is.

So walk, swing, trot, hike, swim, and ride along with us through a photo journey of Santa Marta and some surrounding day trips. These photos capture some of the wonderful culture this coastal Colombian region has and included are the following areas: Rodadero, Santa Marta, House of San Pedro Alejandrino, Tyrona National Park, and Taganga. Then, consider a visit to this area of the world for the chance to see a little bit of everything and explore how everything in life has a purpose.




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