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Travel Lessons From Dante

Written by Hank Martin in Travel Tips

hen I think of Dante I think of hell.  His vivid, grotesque imagery in the Inferno, such scenes as people’s souls on fire, or being slashed to bits by swords, make me cringe still today.  His epic poem, divided into 3 parts of 33 cantos each, was written sometime in the early 1300’s, and has seen unparalleled popularity compared to other italian literature on the world platform.  In fact, in comparison to most works of literature, not only is The Divine Comedy taught in university English classes around the world, but it has also been a source of inspiration for famous artists since its conception.  Dante’s Divine Comedy is praised for its depiction of the afterlife, and, …

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Archn’t you glad you stopped at Arches

Written by Hank Martin in N. America

The arch as an architectural feature gained popularity during the Roman Empire. Evidence of their fascination and love of the arch can still be experienced in Rome, Italy today by walking through the maze of cobblestone streets lining the SDC12451centroof Roma.

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August Photo of the Month

Written by Hank Martin in The Backpack

This month’s top photo comes from a user submission on our website, and sums up what we’re after here at Breaking Trail.  Life is in moments like the one below, which was snapped in Alaska.  Life hangs in sunrises and sunsets, extraordinary events that we, as humble human beings, are lucky enough to be a part of.  It is moments like these that elevate our lives out of the hum-drum of the daily grind and make us believe that there is always more to life than what we have right now.  This is the reward for making an effort to break new trails. Waking up early for work isn’t all bad, especially when you have views …

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Travels with Charley

Written by Payton Lee in The Backpack

Books can take us places we never dreamed about. Whether they are fiction or nonfiction the stories within a book affect our travel bug. The settings, the mood, and even the characters tell us about places we have never been to. Synopsis If you love to read about travels check out this book by John Steinbeck in which he records his journey across America. With only his dog and a truck camper, John leaves footprints in places all over America, some which are known well, some not. As he discovers his own age changing his perspective on life, he finds that the United States of America has also changed. He shows the reader many things …