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Plan for the Unplanned

Written by Payton Lee in The Backpack

The flight attendant came over the speaker phone, “Ladies and gentlemen, please don’t strangle me for the bad news I’m about to deliver. The cooling feature in this air tight bubble is taking a vacation for the moment. You will have to breath in your neighbor’s hot air and comfort yourself with our overpriced snack menu while we talk the system down from its tropical mood. The pilot says he could still make the 10 hour journey on time, but the airline company doesn’t want him wasting extra fuel, so it will now be an exhausting 11 hour journey. We will keep you updated if we aren’t too busy gossiping in the back foray about …

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Sitting on Cushions in Seoul

Written by Payton Lee in Asia

  Guest Post by Kyle B. Kyle is a United Airlines Customer Service Specialist. He is married with 2 kids. Kyle and his wife still manage to make travel and adventure a priority of life. Visiting over 34 countries to date, his goal is to see as much of the world as he can, learning more and more as he goes.   A ten hour layover in Seoul became one of my fondest memories in South Korea.  My wife and I went into the city to snap pictures of Gyeongbokgung Palace.  Afterwards, our stomachs lead us in search of substance. However, despite being near a popular tourist spot, our surroundings consisted of what looked like …

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The Bundling Rage!

Written by Payton Lee in Travel Tips

It’s a package deal, they say. Bundle this with that and get a better price. It’s like Christmas morning, wrapped with a fancy bow and your name on it. But how much of your soul, your spirit, your brain power dies every time you buy into the bundling rage?     First, let’s step back and examine how many products fall into this dark hole of bundling.  Food- When flying through a fast food joint, bundling is thrown into your face with speed and efficiency. You are hungry, they know it, and it’s too tempting to not get fries AND a drink with that burger. The biggest pictures on the screen are meal deals, easily …

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Bologna at Night

Written by Hank Martin in W. Europe

It is dark out and there is a man crouched under a nearby bush smoking crack. The further I plunge into the Bologna park the more movement I hear. There is a rustling of leaves there. A sniff and cough in front of me. The sound of footprints from behind me. A beautiful brick walkway outlines the outer edge of the park, and in the center are several fountains spewing water. They make the only other sound besides my thumping heart and the occasional whoosh of a match being lit and crunching of branches underfoot. As darkness settled in to Bologna the rats of the city climbed out of their holes and embraced the world …

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Anger and Travel

Written by Hank Martin in Personal Development

This is what hell is like, I thought, as I looked towards the thrashing angry ocean. The water rose in frustration and slammed itself against the beach, grinding rocks into glass colored pebbles with its agitation. It was a thing of all motion and no progress, like anger. Can you see anger in a place, a non-living thing? Or, do human emotions only make sense to humans? On the early morning streets of Italy, as I walked to school past St. Peter’s Square, I saw two men cursing at each other in Italian. Their arms gyrated like mimes and their faces were red. One had parked the other in. Another time I saw homeless people …