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Is Colombia Safe?

Written by Hank Martin in S. America

So you are thinking of traveling to Colombia, but are not sure what to expect. Is Colombia scary? Is it safe for you to travel there? Will your life be in danger? All these questions and more are answered.   Misconceptions about Colombia Pablo Escobar. Strippers. Blow. Murder. These are just some of the misconceptions about Colombia. It is true that Escobar once had his henchman kidnap officials in a government building and tanks leveled the building to kill the intruders. They also killed many innocent people. There is also truth to the corruption of Colombia. There was the Banana Massacre way back in 1928. Then bribery and treachery once filled every level of government, …

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Watching Sunrises

Written by Hank Martin in Middle East, N. America, W. Europe

A sunrise and sunset have one thing in common, nobody watches them anymore. We are too busy. Can you remember ┬áthe last time you watched the sun crank itself into the sky and bring light to the world, or slip behind the horizon in a prism of color? I have seen sunrises and sunsets all over the world, and each one is different. Israel In Nazareth I hiked Mt Sinai, crossing a highway now cleaving the mountain in two. We wove a drunken path up the mountain, cutting back and forth in big half circles. The sun rose on the way up, exposing patches of wild green grass and clay earth underfoot. Finally summitting, we …

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Smiles are Contagious

Written by Payton Lee in Personal Development

Smiles are contagious. This simple, polite notion has faded to the back of people’s minds, possibly forgotten all together by some. ┬áSmiles these days are traded in for smirks, eye rolling, and furrowed eyebrows. It is a trend that needs to be broken. Vacation. The word is supposed to bring joy, excitement, stress-relief, and smiles. Getting to bike in the most beautiful mountain scenery should make all worries wash away. Hiking in the back-country with amazing wildlife and wildflowers should relieve the stress you have left from work. Swimming in a natural Alpen lake, colored like a gemstone, should take your breath away. Zip-lining through Aspen trees in the sparkling sun should stamp a permanent …

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Save Money Traveling

Written by Hank Martin in Travel Tips

Did you know we are in a brave new world? Technology has reached the point where it has made the world accessible. The sheer volume of information available to us lets us get degrees for free online, study languages for free and find out information about anything. With the help of forums, meet ups and more the boundaries of the world are being destroyed. Travel, once a luxury item is now an item for anyone who is willing to put the time in. Travel has been equalized, and no more is it an activity for just kings, princes and philosophers. You do not need to be wealthy to travel. Instead of having money you can …

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Collecting Sea Glass: Regret and Travel

Written by Hank Martin in N. America, UK

When you walk a long stretch of beach on a windy day your footprints disappear as fast as you make them. The sand is wet and rough, like a dog’s tongue, and now and again you may spot a piece of sea glass. Sea glass is a small piece of highly polished glass. Formed over decades this glass is shaped by friction from currents sand tumbling waves. Smooth and cool to the touch, these shards look like gemstones with their deep blue, green and red colors. Because they are often very small you will miss some of these wonders while walking. But, if you walk long enough you will find enough to fill both hands. …