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Picking Your Travel Buddies

Written by Payton Lee in Travel Tips

So you really really want to travel with one or more of your best friends. It sounds awesome; it looks perfect in the movies; and you are always having fun together. Stop, heed the caution signs, check your traits, and leave your flapping friendship at the door for a minute. There are things you must know before you make this life changing, friendship testing journey. Traveling with other humans requires more thought than who’s bringing the hair dryer to share or who will do the driving. Unless you already live with this person 24/7 and hang out often, people have many traits left undisclosed. Traveling to foreign places is not only going to heighten emotions, …

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Appia Antica Way

Written by Hank Martin in Personal Development

Rome is like a cake. Beneath roads are old houses, a subterranean layer of history eroding away and returning to the Earth. Modern civilization is the frosting on top, a metamorphosizing, gelatinous mass of life shifting at the whims of the time. Some parts of this upper crust are the same as always. Bernini alleys, a coliseum built from money plundered from Jews, Salvi’s trevi fountain and more are relics of a different time. You can pass an ATM on the corner and then find yourself standing before the looming, black and weathered Pantheon. History overflows in this city like water from a bucket. The past spills into the modern world, melding the two. In …

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Stop Throwing Your Pennies into Wishing Wells; A Penny Saved is a Trip Paid

Written by Payton Lee in The Backpack

  A picture of a wishing well in New Mexico recently reminded me there are two types of people: those that wish and those that act.  Which are you?  I continued to think on this image and it led me to the following inspiration.                 “Wishing wells are great for those who have a pocket full of pennies.”                 “Wishing wells are not great for those who wish to see the world.”                 “Wishing cannot make you get on a plane.”                 “Wishing cannot make you see …

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Service Travel

Written by Payton Lee in Asia, Culture

Guest post by Kyle Bristow Kyle is an advocate for SERVE THE CHILDREN, a missionary organization that serves schools in Liberia and Central India. He travels all over the world, but holds a special place in his heart for trips that fulfill a bigger purpose. To find out more or to donate go to I HAVE the honor of kicking off a four-part series on an organization that’s near and dear to my heart called Serve the Children.  Serve the Children is an organization that, among other things, helps support three schools in Liberia and a children’s home in central India.  I had the privilege of living at the children’s home for four months …

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Sneak Peak: Issue 13

Written by Hank Martin in The Backpack

Our next issue is smokin! We went through and redesigned our look. It looks awesome, but we might be biased. Issue 13 is packed full of beer stories, relationships and service. Find out more below. Summary: Germany boasts some of the best beer in the world. There are still monastic breweries, with faithful monks who made the craft popular way back in the 10th century. However, the monk’s traditions have reached a new state in America. Today more than 3,000 microbreweries have popped up with specialty craft beer. Much like the monks, these craft brewers try their hand at new recipes in order to please the pallets of patrons. But this issue is not just …