A Musical Sea Organ in Zadar, Croatia

Written by Payton Lee in E. Europe

Zadar, Croatia - Sea Organ

Croatia took my breath away every second it got. From the beauty of the coastline and clear beaches to the rushing of waterfalls, this country has been blessed with eye-catching landscapes. After camping through this skinny coastal land, I found a new appreciation for the wonders of nature. And then, we found the cherry on top in Zadar. The Zadar boardwalk is beautiful at night with ambient lighting and an endless view of the sea lined with cargo ships lit up. But, it doesn't stop there. This beautiful boardwalk plays a tune that melted my heart.croatia piano

The morske orgulje, as the Croatians say, is a musical sea organ built to play the cords of the sea. Thirty five organ tubes were built by architect Nikola Basic in 2005. Each wave coming into and then leaving the shore produces a melodic hum as it pushes air up through the pipes and out the holes in the concrete steps. The first of its kind, Nikola Basic found a way to give nature a voice; and, a beautiful voice it is!

When I walked the steps myself, I was amazed. I've been to concerts, orchestras, and the like. But, I have never heard anything like this sea organ. The genius behind the design of this structure is way beyond me. They built it perfectly with a tune that is harmonious and pleasing. It doesn't sound unnatural or jumbled, but it sounds like a choir of organs playing on the best notes to fit the setting. I could have sat there for hours. Moving to a different step, I heard a new song. Everyone had a personalized seat to this one in a million kind of concert.

DSCN1582Nikola Basic thought of it all. In the careful design he knew that storms would cause louder vibrations, thus they put silencers on the pipes allowing only the 5-6 loudest ones to produce sound. Hence why when you sit or stand on a different part of the shore you hear new music. Every wave is different, but they picked harmonious notes for the pipes so that no matter which ones blew, together they sounded pleasant. The concrete steps let you be right in the action. Better than a concert, this organ allows you to sit on stage.

Zadar, Croatia has had a treacherous past. Bullet holes and piles of rubble can be seen as you walk the streets. This sea organ is part of their new beginning, and it shows how nature lords over human destruction. This beautiful piece of coastline is playing a new tune and giving life back to the city. Don't wait to hear the tune of the sea; it will change you ears forever.


Teaser: Listen to the sea organ



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