How to Make Moroccan Mint Tea

Written by Hank Martin in Middle East

I raised my glass and took a long swig, savoring the sweet, minty beverage. My 8 oz. drinking glass was filled to the brim with green leaves. The liquid itself was muddy, the color of melted cane sugar. But the taste was dangerous, very dangerous. It tasted like sunshine in a glass, and gave me a warm fuzzy feeling like a gaggle of kittens.

That was my first experience with Moroccan Mint Tea, or Maghrebi Tea, a tea most popular in Spain and Morocco. This delicious beverage is easy to make, and even easier to drink. It is perfect after a long day of work at the job you hate, or as a way to wash away your worries.

Short on time? Here's the quick guide:



Detailed instructions for Brewing Moroccan Mint Tea

Brewing Size: 8 oz Moroccan tea pot, makes 1 serving. (Something like this works great. )

  • 8 oz boiling water (1 cups)
  • 1 tablespoons Gunpowder Green Tea
  • 4-5 Spearmint leaves (Buy online, from your local grocery store, or grow your own.)
  • 2-3 tablespoons of Sugar (depending on taste. Moroccans like it really sweet, and use more sugar)

Directions for Tea Brewing

  1. Combine sugar, green tea and spearmint leaves in teapot
  2. Bring water to a boil and pour in teapot.
  3. Let brew for 5 minutes
  4. Place teapot on stove and simmer water for 5 minutes, letting the sugar dissolve
  5. Serve. You can add additional spearmint leaves to the glasses themselves and add brewed tea on top. Pour tea into glasses from as high of a height as possible to swirl the spearmint leaves and aerate the tea.

Don't let the simplicity fool you, though. This tea is a seriously delicious treat. In Morocco the popularity of this tea is due in part to the sacredness it represents. Tea time is a special time, a time with friends and family, and a time to take a minute from your day and enjoy the beauty of life. Whisk yourself away to this world with the help of this tea and transform your day into something greater.



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