Headlines of First Impressions in Colombia

Written by Payton Lee in S. America

After a long day of traveling 2,000 miles we finally landed in a place called Barranquilla, Colombia at midnight central time. (Same time zone as home) From a landing strip called the aeropuerto we hailed a taxi and began our journey of Colombia.


First impressions make good headlines, so here are the headlines on Hank and Payton in the land of Drugs and coffee.

"It is so freaking hot, I can't stop sweating! At this point I didn't bring enough clothes for three days." - Hank

"It looks like it could storm at any second, or maybe it always looks this overcast." -Payton

"This is a place for travelers not tourists for sure!" -Hank

"I feel a bit claustrophobic at all times here." -Payton

"I think if we go up two more blocks we may be able to forge the river of rain water." -Hank

"That is absolutely disgusting!" -Payton

"How are you not sweating?" -Hank

"This food is great, completely authentic ." -Payton

"Wow that taxi ride was like an American drag race to every stop light; I wonder if the drivers take bets on each other?" -Hank

"Most people are definitely native here, and we definitely stick out." -Payton

"How are people wearing pants!" -Hank

"We are definitely getting the local authenticity here. I almost feel weird taking pictures because tourism isn't in their vocabulary." -Payton

"What I need is a good cold Colombian cerveza!" - Hank

"Hey look it's an the wild. (Aka basketball park)" -Payton


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  1. I love how Hank’s comments are weather centric and Payton’s are around food and people.

    1. Author

      Between the both of us we cover it all. I wonder what side you’ll add?

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