What is the Dirtbag lifestyle?

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BT sat down with Ben Johnson to talk about everything from travel to money to being a dirtbag. Ben is a phenomenal athlete as well as person. He has competed in the Grand Traverse six times, climbed and hiked all over the world and is just a fountain of information about living life well.

We are especially excited to be working with Ben this summer in conjunction with our release party. Check out some of his responses, a full interview will appear in the next BT Quarterly, then come meet and climb with Ben this July.

What is a dirtbag?

It's about figuring out the cheapest way to live honestly so he or she can carry out his or her passion.

Is being a dirtbag a lifestyle choice or a forced path?
Can a traveler be a dirtbag?

Yeh, dirtbags are pros at living minimally. We become comfortable in our skills to find jobs and save money. Even though we may be below the poverty line by choice but we still save enough to go travel the world if that's a goal. We have plenty of money to go do whatever we want whenever we want. I think that's the beauty of this lifestyle.

How does this lifestyle make you a better person?

This lifestyle makes you more genuine. You can have millions of dollars but if you live by the dirtbag code you live with a different mindset. You are a self-doer, minimalist and value your experiences and connecting with the world more than money.

How does money effect people?
What is your favorite summer activity?

Mountain biking, rock climbing and trail running all in the same day.

What is your favorite climb?


Did you enjoy this? Our next issue of BT Quarterly will feature much more from Ben, including traveling through Bolivia, dealing with the temptations of life, the search for something greater, persistence and failure and his landlord Larry. You can read all of it in our Dirtbag Issue.

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