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The crux in rock climbing is the most difficult move or series of moves that defines the route’s difficulty. To master the crux you break something complicated in to easy, short steps.

Every situation has a crux. A move. How you play the crux determines your success or failure. Often the one thing stopping us from accomplishing great things is the crux. Instead of digging in we get discouraged. We give up. We don’t know how to move forward.

But, every crux has a play. So how do you find that move? When you are at the bottom of the wall looking up at the sheer rock face of your struggle how do you even begin? That's what the daily dose is all about. Finding ways to discern the crux via our email list. Then solving the problem and soaring to new heights in business, your finances, relationships, and anything else that you apply this framework to.

Our World is Changing

When faced with an seemingly insurmountable obstacle the answer for many is to put their heads down and work harder, growing more exhausted and burnt out, and left wondering why things never get better. But, today we have more resources available to us than ever before. The old way of doing things does not work anymore. It is time to adapt to a new game.

Work different, not harder

My quick moves on solving the crux in specific leadership, management, and customer service situations will change your life. If you want your business to grow, if you want to make more money, if you want to be known as someone at work who gets things done then you cannot blow off this opportunity.

What is Hank's Daily Dose?

Hank's daily dose is a free, member's only email list that breaks complex, daunting tasks in to manageable steps that take 15-20 minutes a day to master. That's all. Just 15 minutes a day. You cannot afford to not do this.

You will be happier, more free, and discover wealth in ways you never thought possible. Take a chance on yourself and commit right now to becoming the best you possible. You deserve it. I can help. Now let's get moving.

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