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The crux in rock climbing is the most difficult move or series of moves that defines the route’s difficulty. To master the crux you break something complicated in to easy, short steps.

Every situation has a crux. A move. How you play the crux determines your success or failure. Often the one thing stopping us from accomplishing great things is the crux. Instead of digging in we get discouraged. We give up. We don’t know how to move forward.

But, every crux has a play. So how do you find that move? When you are at the bottom of the wall looking up at the sheer rock face of your struggle how do you even begin? That's what the daily dose is all about. Finding ways to discern the crux via our email list. Then solving the problem and soaring to new heights in business, your finances, relationships, and anything else that you apply this framework to.

Hank's Daily Dose Values

Go All In On Yourself

Most people never take a chance on themselves. They live with fear and hesitation instead of boldly following their visions. Become a better person, entrepreneur, and leader. Live a more fulfilled life by committing to take chances and follow your dreams. You only get one life so live it fully.

Live With Momentum

Push a boulder down a hill and it will pick up speed over time. Live your life that way. Invest in yourself and commit to working harder, living better, contributing more, every single day. At first new things are hard. But, even when starting small momentum compounds and changes your life.

Do Good Work

We don't hate hard work. We hate hard, bad work. Find good work, or work that energizes and motivates you daily to continue on your mission. Keep your heart smiling.

Circumstances Don't Define Us

No matter what has happened to you someone has had it worse. Don't let your past paralyze you. Everyone has a reason to give up, an excuse to not try. So what is your reason to succeed?

What is Hank's Daily Dose?

The daily dose produces works on business, leadership and management, personal development, and customer service. I start with a problem, a crux, and break the challenge down to personal and professional improvements. Solve the crux. Climb the wall.

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