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Taste of the Earth

Written by Hank Martin in W. Europe

Have you ever wondered what dirt tastes like? I have. So I did what any rational person would do and tried it. I set out to wine regions throughout Europe with this question in mind. I visited Tuscany in Italy, Porto in Portugal the Greek Isles and the Baden region in Germany. I wanted to taste the Earth in a good glass of wine. Porto, Portugal The Duoro river swivels through this valley, while lines of grapes trace cornrows through terraced vineyards above. In summer these grapes broil in the hot sun, grow bloated with sugar and dream of cooling themselves in the river below. This Mediterranean climate makes the wine taste like a day …

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The Imagination of a Traveler

Written by Hank Martin in Travel Tips, W. Europe

I think about why I travel all the time. I am so obsessed with the psychology of travel that I asked professional travel writers, photographers and journalists. I then wrote about using travel as a way to combat depression and the downs of life, and the idea of running as a virtue. When you choose one thing over another, especially something that has a huge impact on your life it is only natural to question, did I make the right decision? After all, your life, my life, would be very different if we had never caught the travel bug. I can’t help but question if this wondering, this attempt to reconcile the decisions of my …

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Lipizzaner Adventure

Written by Payton Lee in W. Europe

This small little city, Lipica, in what is now the country of Slovenia has a long, hard history. Through an unsettling history of war, dictatorships, and even earthquakes this little place hides a diamond underneath it all. That diamond in the rough is a rare breed of horses named Lipizzaner.

I love golfing, but golfing at St. Andrew’s course in Scotland was out of this world. It was an adventure I dreamed about, amazed over, and now one that I get to brag about!

There are many great adventures out there to fit your favorite activities, and there are lots of new ones waiting for you to try. The great part of travel is that there are endless possibilities, and sometimes adventure finds you.

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How to Make a Brotzeit Platter

Written by Hank Martin in W. Europe

The first time I had a brotzeit platter was in a tent at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. But, as soon as the first delicious morsels of food passed into my gullet I was hooked.

The French call this delicious snack a chacuterie plate, which just doesn’t fit a platter of meats, cheeses, bratwurst and even sometimes a whole chicken placed on a large wooden cutting board.

But, regardless of what you call it this hearty dish is sure to fill you up as either a main course or an excellent in between meal snack.

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How to Navigate a European Cafe

Written by Hank Martin in E. Europe, Travel Tips, W. Europe

Ahhh…the European cafe, a focal point of any great Europe adventure. With nice weather you can sit outside on the patio and watch people walk through the town square while sipping a foofy latte of some sort. Or, you can proceed inside and stumble your way through the tables scattered like land mines in front of the entrance. I am convinced this is done to see who is a tourist and who is a local. Tourists trip, blunder and crash through the entrance while locals already know the best route through this cafe land-mine. European cafes embody everything that is notable about European culture: simple pleasures, portion controlled coffee, the company of others that you …