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Is Colombia Safe?

Written by Hank Martin in S. America

So you are thinking of traveling to Colombia, but are not sure what to expect. Is Colombia scary? Is it safe for you to travel there? Will your life be in danger? All these questions and more are answered.   Misconceptions about Colombia Pablo Escobar. Strippers. Blow. Murder. These are just some of the misconceptions about Colombia. It is true that Escobar once had his henchman kidnap officials in a government building and tanks leveled the building to kill the intruders. They also killed many innocent people. There is also truth to the corruption of Colombia. There was the Banana Massacre way back in 1928. Then bribery and treachery once filled every level of government, …

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Hustle, Failure and Searching for Greatness

Written by Hank Martin in N. America, S. America

For it is not what happens to me that makes me great but what I do, and certainty there is no one who believes that someone became great by winning the big lottery prize. – Soren Kierkegaard In Virginia you can visit Thomas Jefferson’s plantation, finding amazement in the winding living room staircase that was built by soaking wood in water and bending it. Or, go to Santa Marta, Colombia and see Simeon Bolivar’s home that overlooks the Mediterranean. Anywhere you go you can find greatness immortalized, houses preserved as monuments, memorials, statues and more. Despite different politics, economies and cultures greatness is a universal concept. There is something humanizing and inspiring about seeing the …

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Photo Story: Colombian Finca

Written by Payton Lee in S. America

Coffee Plants, Coffee Beans and One Great Cup of Coffee Our journey started with a 40 minute taxi ride outside of ┬áSanta Marta. We passed through small town after small town, each one more rural than the one before. Nestled deep in the jungle, accessible by a concrete road filled with pot holes and curves, we found a gem called La Victoria. Coffee farms fill rural Colombia. Envisioning that so humble and hidden a place helps fuel the worldwide coffee addiction is difficult. But don’t take our word for it. Our photo story will let you to see La Victoria coffee farm as we did. So put on a fresh pot of coffee, sit back, …