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A Tip of the Hat…to Hats

Written by Payton Lee in Personal Development

Hats come in thousands and thousands of shapes, sizes, and colors. Anything can be a “hat,” as it is the generic term used for anything that covers your head. But I’m not interested in just any old bucket that you can place on your head. I’m interested in the hats that make a name for themselves. Hats that make us instantly recognize a culture or tradition. Hats that signify places and people. These are the hats that really matter, and the ones that have been given names other than just “hat.” I love hats. Some girls have closets full of shoes, I have a closet full of hats. Hats are unique, distinguishable, and show character. …

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How to Bargain in Morocco

Written by Hank Martin in Culture, Middle East, Personal Development

Bargaining at a market, with a friend, or anywhere else is an art form and a long-lost skill. We’ve become conditioned to accept what the price tag tells us. But, in many parts of the world bargaining is as common as breathing.

Before there was such a thing as money people bartered for goods. The skills and techniques of bargaining are thousands of years old.

These skills are useful even if you aren’t going to be traveling anywhere. Looking to buy a car? How about something from Craigslist or your local newspaper’s classifieds? Even in the U.S. the art of the haggle is alive and well.

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5 Reasons for Taking a Job

Written by Hank Martin in Personal Development

Life is full of frustrations. But, I like to think many of these can be eliminated by putting things in perspective. One of the things that createsfrustrations is your job. Your boss is a jerk. You are overworked and underpaid. Will there ever be a balance between what we want and what our employer wants? There are many different reasons for taking a job. Maybe you want to live somewhere exotic, or develop certain career skills. With each job comes a different set of expectations that can help keep your work in perspective. Here is a list of common reasons why people take a job. I’ve broken down the job reasons into pay, job length, …

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30+ Essential Travel Books

Written by Hank Martin in Personal Development, Travel Tips

There is nothing I enjoy more then escaping from the world and into a good book. When you bury your nose into the pages of something special you find yourself transported to a different world. Some books inspire. Some books take you around the world. Some books even help you put life in perspective. When I moved home from Italy I filled one of my suitcases not with Tuscan Wine, Limoncello, or Disaronno, but books. For a college student this was a bizarre thing. But, I have always loved books. A good book can change your life. Here is a list of books that have changed mine. They make excellent travel companions, and were compiled …