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Running like Water

Written by Hank Martin in N. America

Cliff faces, about 2,500 feet deep, box in the mighty Gunnison River on all sides. The stoic rock prison, covered in lichen and imbuing the canyon with it’s black appearance, are just an illusion, though, as the canyon itself is a testament to who is really in control.

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Spectacular Views from the Most Unexpected Places

Written by Payton Lee in N. America

  Apostle Island, Wisconsin This photo contest winner was selected by our readers, and is a spectacular view from an island off the very northern part of Wisconsin. How many of you knew Wisconsin had islands? Neil Schott took this photo on an outdoor adventure trip. He told us the sea kayaking was amazing as you paddle around to the sea caves and explore the world of Lake Superior. Do you have a spectacular view from an unexpected place? Share with us and maybe you will be our next photo contest winner!

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5 Quirky Ballparks

Written by Hank Martin in Culture, N. America

It’s baseball season again, and with it comes cold beer, hot dogs, cracker jacks and some of the most interesting baseball stadiums in the United States. If you are a baseball aficionado than the stadiums we’ve chosen will surely satisfy your baseball fix. Each of the parks selected is extremely unique and quirky in some manner. So grab a beer, sit down and let’s play ball! Miller Park Milwaukee, WI Before Miller park was built in 2001 the previous stadium, County Stadium had a beer slide. Every time the Milwaukee Brewers hit a home run Bernie Brewer would slide down his slide into a mug of beer. Unfortunately, when the Brew Crew relocated to Miller …