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Real Jobs are for JERKS! ~ feature from ski bum issue 14

Written by Payton Lee in N. America

“Real Jobs are for Jerks” Written by Kevin Eddy, a Breckenridge ski instructor and trainer. He is a 25 year snow-sport educator, whose career has led him on ski adventures in Wyoming, South Dakota, New Mexico, and Colorado. Currently he is soaking up nearly as many ski days as his ski bum heroes, and looking for opportunities to get even more via the backcountry.   If you take a morning stroll down Main Street in Breckenridge, CO on any day during the ski season, it will seem like any other morning, in any other town.  The hustle and bustle of business owners getting their doors open.  Food trucks supplying their wares to said businesses.  People …

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Watching Sunrises

Written by Hank Martin in Middle East, N. America, W. Europe

A sunrise and sunset have one thing in common, nobody watches them anymore. We are too busy. Can you remember  the last time you watched the sun crank itself into the sky and bring light to the world, or slip behind the horizon in a prism of color? I have seen sunrises and sunsets all over the world, and each one is different. Israel In Nazareth I hiked Mt Sinai, crossing a highway now cleaving the mountain in two. We wove a drunken path up the mountain, cutting back and forth in big half circles. The sun rose on the way up, exposing patches of wild green grass and clay earth underfoot. Finally summitting, we …

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Collecting Sea Glass: Regret and Travel

Written by Hank Martin in N. America, UK

When you walk a long stretch of beach on a windy day your footprints disappear as fast as you make them. The sand is wet and rough, like a dog’s tongue, and now and again you may spot a piece of sea glass. Sea glass is a small piece of highly polished glass. Formed over decades this glass is shaped by friction from currents sand tumbling waves. Smooth and cool to the touch, these shards look like gemstones with their deep blue, green and red colors. Because they are often very small you will miss some of these wonders while walking. But, if you walk long enough you will find enough to fill both hands. …

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Sometimes You Get Lost in the Desert

Written by Payton Lee in N. America, Personal Development

I don’t know if I can pedal or walk another inch. We may be stranded here for the night. Of course we would probably freeze to death. Naturally when we left the car it was 70 degrees, so I shed all warm layers, leaving them behind. Real smart move there. Maybe I could wrap myself in first aid bandages or start a fire with the lighter. Would that keep the predators away? Are there snakes out here? We literally can see no road, no sign of human life, and have hardly any cell signal out here. Move legs, move! These were my unspoken thoughts during our latest biking adventure. We had set out for a …

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Hustle, Failure and Searching for Greatness

Written by Hank Martin in N. America, S. America

For it is not what happens to me that makes me great but what I do, and certainty there is no one who believes that someone became great by winning the big lottery prize. – Soren Kierkegaard In Virginia you can visit Thomas Jefferson’s plantation, finding amazement in the winding living room staircase that was built by soaking wood in water and bending it. Or, go to Santa Marta, Colombia and see Simeon Bolivar’s home that overlooks the Mediterranean. Anywhere you go you can find greatness immortalized, houses preserved as monuments, memorials, statues and more. Despite different politics, economies and cultures greatness is a universal concept. There is something humanizing and inspiring about seeing the …