Photo Story of Capri: Hardships

Written by Hank Martin in The Backpack, W. Europe

Have you ever thought about how difficult it is to get daily necessities on an island? Forget a trip to the mall, or a short ride across town to get that tool you desperately need to fix your kitchen sink. Life is accentuated by geography, as experienced by a visit to Capri. Most of the time life is simple, easy going, and reliant on the limited land, resources and people.

Isola de Capri

It's just an ordinary day on Capri, a small island just off the coast of Naples, Italy. After a bumpy, fast forty minute boat ride from Naples you find yourself in an entirely different world.


Vehicles are far and few between. Boats are the main mode of transportation. Colorful houses line the shore. Today is a cloudy day, but the island is still beautiful. A new place can have that effect on you, it can put stars in your eyes even if it is raining outside. It can make you happy. This is the wonder of travel, the feeling we seek when we hoist a backpack on our shoulder and push off for new and unknown destinations.


Sometimes all you want out of travel are the simple pleasures. An espresso and a good book in a square filled with people.

P1030685Life in Capri is slow. Fisherman can afford to spend all day on the side of a cliff just looking into the rich blue water trying to enjoy every second that passes, knowing that eventually the moment will end and life will change simply because it has to. Simply out of necessity.

On a lucky day the fisherman may even see cliff jumpers to his right test their mettle by jumping off of the cliff and into the blue.


The streets are empty during the off season, but when peak time comes this place will be a different atmosphere entirely. People will walk these streets without a care in the world, spending money on fancy dolce and gabbana handbags, or maybe some new perfume from chanel. Even on an island, miles from the mainland, you can't escape the pull of capitalism and need to fulfill the human desire to hoard things, even things we don't really need.


Capri from above. Away and above the people and shops, where you can find a different perspective on the island and the world. The houses look small from up here, and humans, well they are imperceptible from this height.


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