Travel Accessories that make you feel like James Bond

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I love Ian Fleming novels. James Bond is a bad ass. But, most of all he's just one cool cat. A lot of his confidence and coolness comes from his gadgets,cars, suits, etc. So, I've put together a list of some cool travel accessories that are guaranteed to make you feel like James Bond.

1. Fisher Space Pen and Rite in the Rain Notepad

In the age of the great space race the Americans spent $20 million developing a pen that could write upside down, in zero gravity conditions, when wet, and basically no matter what the conditions. The Russians used a pencil. But, thanks to excessive government spending you can not buy this pen for around $20 online or in many office supply stores. The bullet comes in silver or matte black.

The jelly to this peanut butter is the rite in the rain notebook, a waterproof, tearproof, notebook perfect for taking down directions when traveling, must visit suggestions from locals, helpful foreign language phrases or, in true Bond style, lady's phone numbers.

2. Emerson Knife

Emerson knives are designed by Ernest Emerson, an all around BA who has risen to acclaim by designing the #1 hard use knife in the world. These perfectly balanced knives are seriously tough. Check out the Bulldog, which has Emerson's patented wave open technology or the Police Utility knife, one of the most popular knives they make. (Also be sure to check local laws on carrying a knife in the foreign country your visiting, as that would be pretty un-suave to get thrown in jail)

3. Joos Orange Solar Panel

In our electronic age, being attached to the wall is a problem for a free-spirit like you. Eliminate being tied down by getting a Joos Orange solar panel. Made of durable material these things can handle anything you throw at them. The reinforced steel eyelet is great if your in the woods and need to lock this puppy to a tree while you spend the day out exploring. Or, if you're in a crowded city you can feel safe attaching this to the back of your backpack while you explore for the day. It'll be there when you need it.

4. Luminox 3001 Watch

When traveling versatility is key. With a watch you want something classy, durable and functional. Some watches feel like a tank is attached to your arm, and others just about break when you clasp them on. But, the Luminox 3001 is a perfect everyday, travel watch. Designed for the Navy Seals this watch has all the features you need for diving, climbing, running from pickpockets, and eating out at a fancy restaurant.

With a moderate price tag, the all blacked out watch is minimal, discreet and always there when you need it. I guess if it's good enough for the Navy Seals it's good enough for you.

5. Unlocked and Jail Broken Iphone

Nothing makes me feel more like James Bond than carrying a hacked iphone with me. With an unlocked iPhone you can pick up a SIM card from whatever country you happen to be in at the time and pop it in, giving you instant cell service and internet access.

Pick up an older Iphone on ebay for cheap, the older ones are easier to jail break and unlock. An added benefit is that you won't have to lose sleep if it gets lost, stolen, or broken since it's used and cheap.

6. Kammok Roo Hammock

These hammocks are awesome and perfect for camping in the woods, sleeping in a park, on the balcony of an apartment overlooking the ocean. They pack down nice and small, making them easy to carry in a backpack, and yet they are still super durable.

Runner Ups

5.11 COVRT 18 backpack

Normally I'm not a fan of tactical style backpacks because they look too military, but this one is a good blend of backpacking style and military features. It come with more than enough pockets for all of your needs, and the nylon is waterproof and durable.

P^cubed Adventure Travel Pants

Life feels better in a good pair of pants...and it feels amazing in a rip proof, zippered pocket, thief deterrent, all weather prepared for pair of pants. But, the coolest thing may be their website, which features a running tally of pick pockets averted.



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