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It’s baseball season again, and with it comes cold beer, hot dogs, cracker jacks and some of the most interesting baseball stadiums in the United States. If you are a baseball aficionado than the stadiums we’ve chosen will surely satisfy your baseball fix. Each of the parks selected is extremely unique and quirky in some manner. So grab a beer, sit down and let’s play ball!

Miller Park

Milwaukee, WI

Before Miller park was built in 2001 the previous stadium, County Stadium had a beer slide. Every time the Milwaukee Brewers hit a home run Bernie Brewer would slide down Miller Parkhis slide into a mug of beer. Unfortunately, when the Brew Crew relocated to Miller Park the beer mug and the image it portrayed didn’t make the cut. But when you catch a game here, and if the home team hits a home run, you still get to see good ol’ Bernie slide down his slide in celebration.

If you really want to immerse yourself in baseball culture take a trip to the nearby Lakeside Brewery and go on their brew tour. They have the original slide from County Stadium hanging in their building. Oh, and the beer is great too.

Chase Field

Phoenix, AZ

Source: ballparks of baseball

Source: ballparks of baseball

Arizona’s hot summer days can ruin a good baseball game. But, luckily, the builders of Chase Field planned ahead. In addition to the retractable roof they included a swimming pool. Located just beyond the right, center field fence is a 385 square foot (holds up to 35 people) swimming pool that you can take a dip in.1 Most especially entertaining is watching avid fans fight over a home run ball that has been plopped down into this pool.

AT&T Park


source: ballparks of baseball

Here’s another stadium that made our list because of the water. Butted up against San Francisco Bay, boaters of all sorts fight over home run balls that are cranked in to the water. Also of note is the 4-fingered, 26 foot tall baseball glove located beyond the left-center field fence.

Tropicana Field

St. Petersburg, FL

Source: ballparkeguides

Source: ballparkeguides

While the facility may not make the list as one of the "best baseball fields" it does make our list for one of the most interesting and unique. Tropicana Field boasts the only professional sports facility in the United States where you can play with cownose rays. The Rays Tank opened in 2006 and is located beyond the outfield. Fans can touch and feed the cownose rays, with all proceeds from the food revenue going to charity. At 10,000 gallons the Ray Tank is the tenth largest tank in the US..3

When you are done petting rays, take the 900-foot tropical themed, ceramic mosaic walkway that leads to the rotunda. This ceramic walkway is the largest outdoor ceramic mural in Florida and the fifth largest in the US. Fun fact: The mural is made with 1,849,091 colored 1x1 inch tiles.2

Fenway Park

Boston, MA


Source: photobucket- user: utsax8

First opened in 1912, and in an age of new stadiums, Fenway Park is one of the few last great gems left. Most iconic about this park is the green monster, or the 37 foot tall left field wall. When the wall was constructed in 1934 advertisements were plastered across ever inch, but in 1947 these were taken down and the wall was painted green.

Another feature of note is Pesky’s Pole, named after shortstop Johnny Pesky. In the ’49 or ’50 season Johnny Pesky hit a game winning home run down the right field line and right around the pole. His teammate dubbed the pole Pesky Pole. This right field, foul pole is estimated to be at around 295 feet. Over the decades the right field line, and Pesky’s Pole has become popular with hitters due to its short home run distance.


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