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Breaking Trail isn't for everyone. We tell stories of substance, travel as a community, share photos that inspire your wanderlust and serve as a useful travel resource. We are a magazine for the common jet-setter, not the millionaire traveler.

When we say Breaking Trail is written by travelers for travelers, we mean it.

After college we turned away from the typical 9-5 job path. We weren't trying to find the fast track, but the right track.

Shunning the concrete trail paved with office cubicles and business suits we opted in for wine festivals in Germany to learn about the simple pleasures of life, Budapest to become educated on the horrors of humanity, and Bogota to get a life lesson in spirituality. We explore such things as writing a resume after a long stint abroad, beating boredom on the road and getting an informal education. Travel should have purpose, and our goal was to discover what that was.

Our focus is the coolest life lessons and experiences

After years of studying the most influential people in the world we discovered a simple, but powerful formula that they all used to change the world, leave a legacy, discover their independence and make money. The key component is investing in yourself as the greatest asset you could ever possess. For people such as Steve Jobs, Moses, Jesus, Richard Branson, Alexander the Great and many more this started with purposeful travel.

We cater to travelers who travel for culture, places, experiences, friendship and beauty.

Does this sound like you? Then let's Break Some Trails...